London was voted the 2nd city of self-care in the world! Now that might seem strange if you live in or close to the London’s square mile, where it’s busy busy go go. However, in a recent report which analysed ‘the most populated capital cities around the world and scores each of them on 14 self-care and well-being factors; such as number of parks, restaurants, health foods shops, museums, Yoga and Pilates studios etc. London came in 2nd to Paris which was awarded place. Now, you might be thinking you want to head the hills to escape the Coronavirus but don’t if up on the cities. If you have never visited before, London will surprise you. If you are looking for new ways to explore London, the 2nd city of self-care, here’s how.


Explore The Canals, River and Locks

North or south of the Thames River you can explore London’s waterways. Water delivers the ultimate wellbeing experience. It has a way of calming the soul which is what we need right now. You can plan an outing or exercise and jog or a walk along a canal path near to where you are staying/living/. The more adventurous you can canoe or paddle-board. On the Canal and River Trust you can enter your postcode to find a canal near you.

Prior to lockdown, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring part of the Regent’s Canal from the Kings Cross end. Still, there are many more to explore such as Camden Lock, Islington City Road Basin and London Docklands. If you enjoy your National Trust Houses visits, then you might fancy the Osterley Park and Canal Walk. Further out into Greater London areas there are also stunning waterways to see.

finsbury park

London’s Parks & Gardens

Think London and Regents Park, Hyde Park and Kew Gardens comes to mind. If you want to find something a little different visit the National Garden Scheme website. On the website you enter your postcode and you will find gardens near you. Some of the gardens are private and will require booking and paying an entrance few but on the plus side they are less likely to be crowded.

It’s something on my list to do with my family, I’ve got my eyes on Chelsea Physic Garden and Gatton Park. I also hope to visit The Rookery in Streatham as some point. If you are exploring during the half-term, keep your eyes out for snowdrops.


Eating Out Along London’s Rivers and Canals

London is a melting pot which means you are guaranteed to find scrumptious world foods on the go. You can walk, explore east London and try food as you go. Try curries along Brick Lane, then head up to Docklands refuel on world foods and snacks along Westferry and Canary Wharf.

In Kings Cross, there’s also is a wide variety of street food and restaurant. Further out in Greater London places like Kingston’s also has eateries along the river.


You truly are spoilt for choice in London. What is your favourite watering hole, ‘hiding’ spot or hidden gem in London? How are you practising self-care during lockdown? Is there city you visit for self-care?

Comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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