I love our life in the burbs but some amazing outdoor spaces require a car. I still can’t drive. Hubby is working crazy hours this summer; therefore, new spaces that the kids and I can easily commute to are the best. I have friends who live in the King’s Cross area which is brilliant. It’s fascinating how the area has been developing. In King’s Cross, there is a balance between: family-friendly, eco-friendly, heritage and after work drinks scene. It’s a busy hub of activity that all in the family and enjoy. This summer we are making the most of the fine weather and having fun city kids style, in King’s Cross.


King’s Cross Back ‘ In The Day’


I’ve heard that King’s Cross had a stigma back in the day. My first introduction to the area was the day circa 2002. I won tickets to a Carnival Soca party in Central London; but I had to collect the tickets near the station. In those days, the area looked grey and bleak compared to my time in green lush sophisticated Cambridge.

Fourteen years later and Kings Cross has become a jewel in the city of London.


Family Fun At Kings Cross


Yesterday the kids and I meet up with Mrs A and her daughter for outdoor fun in King’s Cross. While planning I had to factor in that Valentina is the youngest. Her little feet have to walk twice the distance wherever we go. Therefore, I planned for us to visit The Skip Garden, play at in the SNUG soft play area in Lewis Cubitt Square  and finish off with splash fun at Granary Square fountains. However, Valentina and I had rough sleep the night before. In the end we started off with a picnic lunch in Lewis Cubitt Square.

Eating Out: Although we packed a picnic there are range of eatries in King’s Cross. You are spoiled for choice from fast food chains to styles fancy restaurants. It’s a melting pot of culinary delights, in and around the station to Coal Drops Yard.

After lunch, the kids enjoyed soft play and splash fun. We never made it to The Skip Garden, Valentina feel sound asleep in my arms. I had to lift and carry her all the way to the station which was not easy let me tell you.



SNUG Soft Play


The wonderful thing about the SNUG soft play is that it allows the kids to construct and device their own play spaces. Yesterday was hot so there we at least three huts that were constructed in various styles by the kids on site. I noticed at least on slide too. I was really impressed with the space its wide with even flat surfaced lawn that goes into slight gradient of soft mounds and a few shady trees perfect to chillax.


Kings Cross London


Splash Fun


The Granary Square Fountains are always a hit on warm summer days. Droves of children and their family gather to hangout. Little ones patter and stomp about while parents and friends sit around the foundation benches to keep and eye out and chat. Yesterday like any other warm it, it was heaving but so much fun. It was a joy to see kids having carefree fun, splashing about and engaging full-on war-pistol ‘warfare’.  Everyone was happy and having great time. I have to pat myself on my back for another successful family day out.

We had such an amazing time we are scheduled to visit at again this time to swim in the ponds, weather permitting. Our mate and local resident Ms I had booked us in. I’m so excited!!! Fingers crossed the weather holds. Love to swim in the natural pond. I’ve never done that before. It’s not chlorinated instead the designers placed water plants in order that it be purified naturally. 


Natural Wonders In Kings Cross


Being the nature lovers we are, finger crossed I can include a trip to the Camley Street Natural Park. Its an urban nature reserve on the banks of the canal. It’s home to an incredible array of wildlife from; geese, herons, rabbits, amphibians, they say even bats but I’ll take a pass spotting those. I’m sure they’ll be sleeping in anyway.


st pancras basin

The view from St. Pancras Waterpoint roof is beautiful. It is opened to the public at certain times during the year which is a special treat because the wildflower garden is an oasis of peace and tranquilly.

The Canal Trust website relevant information on opening times as well as other activities along the river. The also along the canalside Gasholders London Apartments development which look onto the Waterpoint and Gasholders Park. Pack a picnic and watch the river boats near the St Pancras basin on a warm sunny day.

King’s Cross N1C by Evening

If you have older children and teens, stay a while. Watch this amazing area, King’s Cross N1C,  come alive with neon lights. art installation Have dinner.

You will be have so many options around the Granary Square, Coal Drops Yard and near the Gasholders London. Restaurants like the Parrillian offer terrace bar and wood-fired grill, while Drake & Morgan offers swanky ambience with an open kitchen and year-round outside space serving everything from Jerk Koftas, Fish n Chips Cheeseburgers and more.


King’s Cross


Are you city based? What city do you live in? How to you pack in outdoor fun your kids when you stay local? I’d love to hear from you. If you are in the area check out the King’s Cross website to see what events are on.

I’m linking this post to the Country Kids from Coombe Mill blog hop. Hop on over see what’s been happening  this summer for family days out inspiration.


(since writing this the natural pond has now been closed it was not mean to be a permanent fixture.)

(updated 23rd May 2020)

(updated 9th February 2022)





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