Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson

Well, you must know by now I’m a fan of Dorothy Koomson books. Spring is more than...

Parenting while black: the challenge of overcoming Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome

Do you know what licks is? No, not the lovable kisses from your pet. Licks is what...

Guest Post: 6 Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

Buying a dog is never an easy solution. You have to consider whether you’re ready to...

Mood Food: how your diet could improve your mental health

I’m a snacker.  If I’m feeling blue, I’ll hoover up anything edible to fill the...

Guest Post: Eduard Shyfrin on Quantum Physics and How to Make Physics Fun for Kids!

The children and I currently reading Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind...

October Half-term Daysout 2019

Seems like the new academic year has just begun; now, the lil tikes will be on...
2019 Christmas Gifting Ideas

2019 Christmas Gifting Ideas

I’m loving the inter-seasonal weather at the moment. Right about this time the kids and I get excited about our birthdays and Christmas. We are all winter babies! So is hubby but his birthday is in January.  He is fussy when it comes to gifts. It’s hard to...

5 ways of coping with Anxiety

5 ways of coping with Anxiety

We all experience feeling on anxiety at some point in our lives. It could be jitters before a big life event; exam, marriage, back to school, new job. It soon fades. While for some of us, it’s a reoccurring feeling and the trigger is unknown. The feeling...


Hi, I am Maria, a Trinidad-born Surrey based SAHM, expat blogger and aspiring published children’s book writer. Having moved to England in 2001, my career history has spanned from the Library Service to Further Education. I write about expat parenting, mixed heritage family life, food, beauty and more. The way to my heart is a Trini Dalpuri Chicken Roti.



Top 10 books about Trinidad and Tobago | Claire Adam

On the blog I compare bobbibrownuk Extra Repair Eye Cream and the Hydrating Eye Cream. Link in the bio! Which do you prefer?
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Loving the final installment of the @JDWFashion as feature I took part in... side note, I'm totally sold of pleather trousers now 😎 Thanks @YOUMagSocial , @MailMetroMedia & JDW for the experience and meeting some amazing ladies.

What goes into selecting the right image? Lighting? symmetry? Pop over to my instastory to see which image made the final cut.

@jdwfashion 'Compliements you deserve them' campaign with @schoolgatestyle…

A black-owned company has designed a swimming hat “to keep out as much water as possible and thus protecting thick hair including locs, extensions and hair with high volume of curls”

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Hi! I’m Maria. My family and I live in London but I’m originally from Trinidad, West Indies. My beloved and I got married in 2006. He’s Chinese/Italian. When we decided to increase our family, the first inevitable question was ‘what the child would look like?’... [ + ]


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