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We can attend London and environs based events, if  given at least two weeks notification. Once at the event we can either share photos while on site or write-up after the event can be shared on the blog. If you would like any of us to attend an event event email us and we can agree on the best way to showcase the event and/or brand.

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If you think we could represent your brand in print or visual media contact us for a chat on how best we can work together.

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I am happy to post press releases for events or products and services. If information is provided I can prepare my own original content or share a pre written one. There may be a charge.

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"From big to little England, our gracious Queen you come," sang the choir of children who welcomed Elizabeth II to Barbados in February 1966.

🔴Before the year was out, the English-speaking island would achieve independence from Britain

With Barbados’s shift to republic status, 14 Commonwealth realms remain, from Australia and Canada to tiny island states like Tuvalu.

In 1954, the Queen described the relationships as "an allegiance of mutual love and respect, and never of compulsion"

🗣️"The question is not so much 'why is Barbados breaking the link now' but why so few Caribbean countries have done so over the last decades," explains Philip Murphy, director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London

In #perimenopause and #menopause should we move back and forth like a buoy in the sea or should we hop upon our paddle board and decide which waves to ride. There are things in our control and there are things that aren’t.

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