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If your travel plans were dashed due to Covid, there is still time to ‘salvage’ your R&R. Holiday is a mindset. It’s time to change the pattern of driving yourself to near burnout, until the annual getaway. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s to seize the moment. Find your joy in the everyday.  In this regard, don’t take your home and region for granted. There are bound to be local gems you have yet to discover. Why not have the ultimate staycation experience in your own home, simply make a few small changes to get the holiday vibe.  Let’s look at 4 ways have a lit family staycation.

Guildford castle

Become A Day Tripper


Day trips are a fun way to explore where you live. Think of it as a hyper family staycation. You would be amazed at what you will discover. If your destination is further afield to where you live, make it into a mini family staycation. Pick your family summer anthem blast it on the radio and off your go. Stay in a pub  or set up on a campsite  for a night or two. Best of all, planning a getaway during off-peak mean you can get good deals, whether it affordable camping gear, hammocks for sale, or a cheaper cottage rental.

If you don’t want to drive, and your kids are older hit the rails. Travel around Britain by train. Hop on and off. Overnight in between destinations. How’s that for adventure?!


family pool

Follow Your Sign


In 2019, the new trend of planning staycations based on your star sign was born. Sagittarian are natural born travellers and adventure seekers while Aquarians are said to be spiritual
What’s more fun and meditative than swimming? Back yard pool anyone? Bring the splash fun to your door.

How about bringing a few ‘foreign’ accents into your home. Transform your shed space into a tropical themed retreat or add African inspired  to your living spaces or bring the Balinese spa to your bathroom? A rug here, a plant there, candles, cushions, paintings whatever your heart desires. Simple accents that will not break the bank BUT spark your joy.

Bespoke Binny

Spice of Your Life


In the UK many eateries have signed up to the Eat Out To Help Out. You dine out a eatery that’s registered for the scheme Monday to Friday and you pay half the price. Plan a midweek day trip and try new cuisine. Eat your way around the world without leaving the country. Eat your way around the world. East London is known for its curry houses. Central London has a fusion  of cultures AND it’s very own Chinatown. North West London would find North African, Caribbean and other culinary delights.

If you are shielding at home you could try cooking kits. Get your roll on California style with DIY sushi making kit. Have an Italian, make your own pasta and sauce. Generally, kids love being in the kitchen. It’s a fun way to get them to try new foods too. Don’t forget, major supermarkets tend to have lovely tapas selections and drinks during the summer. Also, depending on where you are based, you have might a wide selection of eateries around the corner from you, so, order in and dine in style.

salt and pepper squid

Get A Fashion Fix


If you are going out and about, dress suit your trip. What better excuse to go clothes shopping, than a fun day/weekend getaway. Think, day tripping around the country side, sailing along the canals or forest bathing the woods; what would your wear? Whether it’s camo for the forest or straw hat and gloves for the country make it a moment get into character. Have fun with it.


Have Mindful Relaxation


Rest is just important to play. Do like the Spanish and have a siesta. Life is so fast paced but Covid, make us all slow down. Embrace it! A nap at noon feels decadent but you deserve it. REST.

Turn your grooming regime into a relaxing self-care experience. Have a day spa at home; music, massage, masks, mists and moisturise. Be mindful. Be intentional. Enjoy.


How has your summer been so far? Any personal highlights? Have you got a top tip to share about family staycations? Comment below. I would love to hear from you.



(updated 16th November 2020)


Disclosure: This post contains one sponsored link. 





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