Several months ago, I attended the London Toy Fair.  Back then I shared with you my personal highlights and the toys that stood out for me. Two of the toys that caught my eyes were Zookiez and Wobbleez. Those cuddly pals I knew would bring joy to little boys and girls. The cuddly pals in the Zookiez and Wobbleez range are all fury animals which do not require batteries. The Tiger Tales was sent on of each to use for the purpose of this review. Angelo trialled the Wobbleez Dalmatian and Valentina trialled the Zookiez Bear.


Zookiez Bear

Zookiez easily snaps around your arm, the back of a chair or around a seat belt. You can transport it any way you like. One Zookiez 30cm Soft Toy RRP £10. Its targeted ages 3+.  There are six Zookiez to choose from: Panda, Bear, Dog, Cat, Puppy and Kitten. We received the bear, which Valentina named Rainbow.  Rainbow was Valentina’s companion on the school runs top collect Angelo. Rainbow (Zookiez Bear) was easy for her take along, clasped to her forearm she was free to run, climb and play with her other friends on the school playground. Rainbow didn’t get in the way.


Rainbow has also been with Valentina on car trips and dining out. Sometimes she was worn on Valentina’s arm or clasped to her sit belt other times, she extended to sit on the dining table. In fact, Rainbow has been a great companion when I needed to detangle and style Valentina’s hair. Zookiez dimensions are 14L x 14W x 28H cm. Best of all, unlike so many new toys these days, Zookiez don’t require batteries! There are no mechanical parts but its advised to surface wash only.



Angelo has been asking for a dog for ages. When the film A Dog’s Purpose didn’t change his mind, I went for the Wobbleez Dalmatians. My bad, I know! But we don’t have the space or time for a real dog at the moment. The USP for the Wobbleez is you can pull the leash, and its ‘magical paws will begin to walk’. It’s that simple but I was phased me when we first tried to played him. I kept looking for a button! Don’t ask me why. Senior moment perhaps? I decided to take the instructions literally and pulled the lead.  I still get excited like a kid every time I see our Dalmatian Sparky (so named by Angelo) do his cute wobbly walk.



Kids will enjoy taking their furry pal on walks and sleepovers. It will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The dimensions: 22L x 13W x 24H cm and no batteries are required. Prices may vary but they RRP£15. Angelo adores Sparky but I must confess that Valentina has pretty much commandeered Sparky too. Little sisters eh? She usually cuddles up with him at night to sleep… so cute! I would have shared  a pic with you except doesn’t like photos of her sleeping.

There are three Wobbleez to choose from: Golden Retriever, Dalmatian and Shepherd Dog


Where to buy

Both Zookiez and Wobbleez are available at The Entertainer Stores. Which would you would child choose? Tell us I’d love to hear from you.




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