Like most kids these days, mine are into slime. We’ve bought slime. We’ve made slime. I must admit when I sneakily mess around with their slime, it’squite therapeutic but I’d never bath in it. The kids have though. The Tiger Tales tested Zimpli Kids Glitter Slime Baff and gave it two thumbs up.


Zimpli Kids Glitter Baff

Who can get enough of glitter? So, why not in the bath? Glitter and slime is a match made of in kiddie dreams. It’s suitable for 3+ years. Zlimpli’s Glitter Slime Baff comes in two colours, pink and purple. The box contains:

  • 1 x 150g Bag of Glitter Slime Powder (£4.99)
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet

Few people on my social media questioned the environmental safety of the glitter baff. It’s degradable. The ingredients are: sodium acrylates copolymer, rayan cellulose regenerated, plant based glycerine, aqua, urea, styrene/acrylates copolymer, aluminium powder, parfum strawberry, colourants.


The Trial

 On the first round, I ran the bath as I normally would for the kids, warm.  When the tub was quarter full, I began slowly adding the slime baff powder. It’s recommended to start with less water than needed 4cm deep (1.5 inches) for best results. In our excitement we stirred in vigorously but the instructions advice waiting 10-15 mins for the bath form then adding more water for desired consistency. However water should not go beyond 8cms deep for best results. Well, we had more water than that.

The slime formed but it was not very thick. The kids liked it that way and I was less worried that the drain would clog.  They enjoyed the mild slimy feel and the lovely smell which reminded me of a new squishy toy. Valentina who still enjoys sensory play was in there element, slipping sliding squishy. At the end of the kids bath, the tub was not tarnished in any way neither was the white vinyl or the towel that I used to clean up after them.

On the second occasion, we followed the instructions and the results were much better. The texture was quite a satisfying gloppy consistency sort like half-set jelly.  The glitter flecks were more visible in the pink baff.

What we liked: the colour, the smell and texture

What we didn’t’ like: We would like to have more water in the bath


Zimpli kids Glitter Slime Bath is good fun. Now that the days are getting colder and grey it’s an awesome way to have colourful fun indoors. The kids had so much fun together slipping and sliding and being silly together in the gloppy mess. They loved the texture and how it felt against their skin.

Sensory play is great for relaxation, as well as developing motor skills. It’s fun way for little ones to learn sensory attributes such as stick, slippery, warm and as well as colour. I must stress, they must be supervised because the baff gets quite slipper.  It’s advised that bathers should be rinsed off sitting down before standing up to leave the bath.

Zimpli kids always come up with the most fun products. For more information on Zimpli products visit their website.  You can also find them on Instagram.


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