As a lady of a certain age, I’m all about the Omega supplements. As you know I was using a supplement a few months ago and I had good results. However, the thing with fish oil supplements is the taste. It repeats during digestion. Then, last month I had the pleasure of meeting the founders of YourZookiTM  at  the Xmas in July Festival, London. I was so intrigued by the product; I happily accepted a sample to trial.

What’s YourZookiTM you ask? Well, it’s ‘the world’s first all-natural emulsion to successfully mask the fishy taste and smell of pharmaceutical grade fish-oil.’ It was created by sporty best friends duo, Marcus Mollinga and Jack Morrison to address the problem of the fishy taste of Omega 3 capsules. Hubby and I have been using the Omega Zooki, Peach Mango supplement. He took the recommended dose of one teaspoon daily, neat.  Although he couldn’t tell me what change he’s noticed (then again he never does with any supplement) He luvs it and wants more! I on the other hand noticed that I had a quick recovery from my gym workouts. That’s a PLUS! I included the daily dose of YourZookiTM to my homemade smoothies. There are four other supplements in the YourZookiTM range:

  • Vitamin Zooki, Blackcurrant Apple
  • Kids Omega Zooki, Pineapple Punch
  • MCT Zooki, Vanilla Coconut
  • Omega V Zooki 3-6-9, Strawberry Banana

The strengths of the product are the health benefits and versatility. They are very rich and creamy in consistency like a yogurt and fruit flavoured. Although I used mine in smoothies, they can easily be incorporated other meals. Simply include YourZookiTM by drizzling it over fruit or even adding it to porridge. Enjoy how ever you like, no need to worry about fishy burps later on.

Each YourZookiTM  has its own health benefits. I was keen on the omega because omega is good for memory, vision and asthma, all of which are concerns of mine. The 450ml peach & mango flavoured Omega Zooki offers 90 servings and RRP£23.99 from their website. Once opened, it can last up to 12 months in the refrigerator. For more information the products, special bundles on offer and recipes visit the website. You can also find YourZookiTM on Instagram  and Twitter.


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