I’m looking forward to the school summer holidays. This summer we’re going to Pembrokeshire for our staycation. We are all super excited about sea, sun, and sand, for TWO WEEKS. Fingers crossed, I will have passed my driving test by then. Hubby would relish a break from the driving. Because learning about the car is so fresh to me, I double check with him that the family car is roadworthy our trip. If like us,  you will be racking up the road miles this summer, then, I urge you to do your car safety checks and ensure your tyres are aligned correctly.


Car Safety Checks

Firstly, every year your car has an MOT, but what if you haven’t had your MOT before your road trip? Here are a few basic checks you can do yourself:

  • Ensure car hazard lights, horn and brakes are working (AND you have sufficient brake fluid and coolant)
  • All mirrors should be intact; doors and windows and wipers should fulling functioning
  • Tyres should be in good condition with correct pressure
  • Ensure all seat belts work

Tyre Alignment

Earlier, I mentioned that you should make sure your tyres are in good condition, well, part of that is having them aligned correctly. It is dangerous to have badly aligned tyres. How will you know if somethings wrong?  When your tyres are not aligned, you may notice that when you are driving the car drifts in one direction or another. Other ways your car can be affected if the tyres are not aligned; tyres wear out faster, tyre pressure will not be correct and you use more fuel because of uneven friction .

Keep your car safe and roadworthy by using a credible professional car care service centre.  You can get amazing wheel alignment rates at Iverson Tyres Ltd London Branch; your safety is in your hands.

Don’t delay; get your car checked out before any major road trips. Best of all, you will save money in the long run. Now, who couldn’t do with saving a few quid?


How we roll

Talking about road trips and staycation, how will you be spending your Summer?  Or have you got any car safety tips to share with us?

Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

This post was written in Partnership with Iverson Tyres Ltd


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