Where did the years go! It’s the Year Of The Tiger, this Chinese New Year. As you may know, my son is a tiger and the inspiration for the blog and its title. Born in 2010 is he’s a Golden Tiger. He’s grown to be charming, loyal, gentle giant. I couldn’t be more proud. In commemoration of the year, we considered going into London but celebrations are online due to the coronavirus. The last time we went into town on Chinese New Year was for the Year of the Dog. 2022 is the year of the Water which only occurs every 60 years! Coronavirus has put slight damper on. Festivities will be smaller and intimate among family and friends. This year, not just for fortune but for our mental health let’s adopt the practice to ‘climb high and gaze far’, to celebrate Chinese New Year.


Place in South East and West England to ‘climb high and gaze far’

Across the globe nations are in various levels of restrictions due to the coronavirus. Another way to mark Chinese New Year is by doing the customary to ‘climb high and gaze far’ walk. The traditions is said to bring good luck in business, career, study and fortune.

Colley Hill

At The Tiger Tales, we love a walk with a view. During Lockdown, we did a fair bit of walking and exploring. The experience helped us to stay calm and connected. Why not try one of these 5 destinations for a grand gaze:


Chinese New Year Snacks

On our walks we usually pack a picnic. If you plan to take a walk over the New Year period, take some of these yummy portable snacks:

  • Ginger Candy – people believe that eating a piece of ginger candy after a rich meal can help to promote digestion
  • Grapes- they represent bountiful harvests 
  • Peanut Brittle- eating peanut brittle always means a happy, sweet, and prosperous coming year.
  • Sachima (or saqima)
  • Sesame Seed Ball- eating sesame seed balls means happiness and prosperity 
  • Tangerines and oranges- their golden colour represents wealth and prosperity


Do you normally celebrate Chinese New Year? How do you celebrate? What’s your favourite part of the season? Comment below I would love to hear from you.


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