I first attended a WOW Beauty event 3 years ago. Last week, I went to their much anticipated Women’s Health…The Womb and Beyond event. The ticket was gifted and I was deeply touched. The panellists included: Dr Hind Al-Husain – holistic gynaecologist, Le’Nise Brothers- Nutritional Therapist and Shiona Redmond- Founder of Graces London CBD oil brand. I was hoping for tips on how to improve my health and self-care at my current phase of my life; I did! The event was well organized. It was intimate and interactive with a Q & A format which meant all our questions were thoroughly and thoughtfully answered.  Here’s my personal highlights form Wow Beauty’s Women’s Health…The Womb and Beyond.


Gut Health

Le’Nise Brothers, Registered Nutritional Therapist and Women’s Health & Wellbeing Expert, highlighted the fact that gut bacteria influences mental and hormonal health. Serotonin, the ‘happy chemical’, is created in the gut. Foods that support gut health are: leafy greens, sprouts like broccoli, onions and fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut

While we’re on the gut, I was curious whether or not tummy bloating was real occurrence. Le’Nise said yes it is. The trigger is different for everyone. It could be eating too quickly and not chewing food sufficiently to aid digestion. Diet can play a part, for some people, it could be sugar, diary or bread. Drinking special teas would be like a plaster not a cure. She advised to remove what we thought the trigger could be for one week and observe if there was a change.


Hormone Health

I confess, I’m not one for meal prepping. It’s done one the day based on what I feel like eating or the kids would like. The panellists suggested that meal prepping would allow women to include ingredients that support our hormones based on where we are in our menstrual cycle. For example pre-ovulation include zinc, ginger, Vitamin C and Omega 3.

For those of us in (peri)menopause, eat to support glands in the liver and manage stress levels. Foods rich in phytoestrogen would help to boost depleted oestrogen production in the body. Phytoestrogen is plant derived Oestrogen) and is found in: fermented tofu, miso, legumes (beans, peas, peanuts, chickpeas) linseed.

In response to my question about is normal during perimenopause, Dr Hind Al-Husain clarified that if because I’ve not had a period in over two year, in menopause. At the event it became clear how different this experience is for every woman. While I only dry skin and the odd hot flash and brain fuzz, some women experience painful vaginal dryness and other symptoms.

SIDE NOTES: perimenopause starts 10 years before menopause. Women can still conceive during this phase however, there is a greater chance of twines to the hormone imbalance.

Having one ovary will not cause early onset of menopause. The one oveary will do the work for two.

Ethnicity has a bearing on when menopause starts due to diet in different regions. Although the average age for menopause is 52 years.

Fibroids Endometriosis & Adenomyosis


Dr Hind Al-Husain noted that progesterone can help manage the symptoms fibroids because fibroids is caused by an hormone imbalance. The over production of oestrogen causes fibroids. Naturally derived progesterone comes from yams.

Shiona Redmond shared on her own battle with fibroids and adenomyosis. She also spoke about  how CBD oils helped can help with pain management and muscular tension. Shiona emphasised that it’s not the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that is used in the creation of CBD oils.

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