Food confession: I comfort eat. I eat when I’m sad, mad or bored. Sometimes, I eat foods that I have an intolerance to (they make me sneezy or snotty) just because I like the taste. Most times I give into my craving which is why I find Sue Omar to be an inspiration. When we first met, Sue was twice the size she is now. She began her fitness journey in 2013. She’s now a UK12. How did she get there? Through working out, making healthy good choices BUT not totally giving up on the odd treat. Her fitness journey is a lifestyle and Sue has turned that passion to help the women. Recently, she hosted a healthy eating workshop which I attended as a guest. There were five guest speakers. I want to share with you my take away tips from the Women Who Workout Healthy Eating Workshop.

Inspirational Women On The Women Who Workout Panel


The workshop was held at the swanky W Hotel in heart of London’s China Town. I felt special in the opulent surroundings.  We used a room at the end of the Perception Bar. The cosy circular space with was all red leather seating and dark wood which felt protective, dear I say, womb-like. It enabled us to have a safe nurturing forum to share our stories.  No men allowed.

Each speaker had her own speciality but the workshop was interactive. Attends could seek advice at any given point form the speakers; who were:

  • Nuesa Catoja- Health & Wellbeing Coach
  • Frederique Gustave- Zumba Instructor & Fitness Coach
  • Olakemi Obi- Curve Model & Body Positive Activist
  • Hodhen Liaden- Blogger & Diversity Activist
  • Maria Hassan- Psychotherapists Mental Health Specialist


My takeaway tips


As an attendee/guest I felt we were all on a ‘level playing field.’  The speakers didn’t talk from up on high. They shared their health and fitness journey and that made me (and I believe other ladies) feel comfortable to speak and share as well. We touched on range of topics from battling with depression, divorce, weight management self-love and more. It was all relevant because if you have a bad relationship with food, it’s for a reason, such those highlighted above. Therefore, part of the health and fitness journey is getting right with you.

Here’s are suggestion how to based on my take away tips form the event

  • Practice thankfulness and gratitude for your body
  • Keep a food diary and a pay attention to how your body responds to what you eat. It will help you assess what is not suitable for you
  • Don’t deny yourself anything but make sensible food choices based on what is suitable for you
  • Select a workout you enjoy and are comfortable doing
  • Be mindful of the places you choose to go, what you listen to and people you spend time around
  • Be kind in the way you talk to yourself.  Complement yourself, appreciate what’s uniquely you
  • Live with purpose. If you have a strong reason/belief for doing something, that mission will fuel your journey
  • Recognise that you are more than your body just your body shape


Final Word On Women Who Workout 


We all have our demons to slay but knowing that you are not alone, I am not alone,, in the journey to health and wellbeing,  it makes the less scary and lonely. Many thanks to Sue for inviting me!

Search hashtag #womenwhoworkout to follow the discussion.  You can also find Women Who Workout on Instagram.

If you found the tips helpful or would like to add to it, please comment below. I would love to hear form you.





Photo Credit  (c) Sue Omar





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