I’m all about girl power. Any book that places an adventurous girl at the heart of their story immediately has my attention. Bias, yes, unapologetically so. When I received a copy of Wish: the otherworld Book 1, it was with the intention of reading with my kids. Unfortunately, a few pages in, for them, the notion of losing a father was too much. If you’re new to blog, we are small unit, just us four with a limited support network. I carried on reading alone because truly, I was hooked! A world of fairies, magic, otherworldly ‘badies’, Wish was all that and a cup of tea for me. As a parent, I appreciated the mindful living tips that were woven into the tale. Wish (The Otherworld) is captivating coming of age story about familial relationships, loss and choices.



Twelve-year-old Cara O’Reilly always thought her father was teasing when he said she and her sister had fairy magic. But it’s been nearly a week since he went on a mountain hike and vanished-right after an argument with Cara. She wished him gone, and now he is.

Cara’s little sister Bri hasn’t spoken a word since his disappearance. In fact, Cara feels like her whole family is under a curse. And it seems like all the adults in their family are keeping some sort of secret. Her world further tumbles into chaos when, after a close encounter with a living, breathing fairy, Cara realizes the old stories are all true. Now, she must find the door to the Otherworld to retrieve an ancient treasure. But can she battle the darkness to save her family-and the entire world?

wish  book 1

My Thoughts

I enjoyed how Wish was paced. From the first line I was pulled into its world. In life, things are not always what they same and that’s a massive life lesson for children to learn. Wish handled the duality of characters masterfully, all the while emphasising the importance of following your light. The key character Cara often has flashbacks of  her father. One of the many lessons he thought her which comes to her mind over and over:

Remember your thoughts have power, Cara. Pay attention to them

Those words simple as they may seem are key to effective mental health management which can be applied to ‘real life’. We see time and again when dark thoughts enter Cara’s thoughts, she harks back to those words.

Her father also empowered her by giving her affirmations;

You’re a warrior. You are strong as a rock.

While the search is on for Cara’s and Bri’s father, we see that Cara’s memories of him keeps him present and a constant support for her through out her adventure.

My best bit: Although I enjoyed the mindful living pointers, it was the friendships that got to me, Connor, Sean, Bri and Cara are quite the fantastic four.

Wish is a book a that girls and boys with a passion for adventure and fantasy will enjoy. Age-wise, I think it’s best suited to 9+ years.


Book Details

Publisher ‏: ‎ Ogham Publishing (5 Oct. 2021)
Language ‏: ‎ English
Paperback ‏: ‎ 232 pages
ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 1919612602
ISBN-13 ‏: ‎ 978-1919612607
Reading age ‏: ‎ 8 – 12 years


RRP £6.99 available from Amazon  Visit Dr. Harris’ website for more information.


About The Author

Dr Victoria Harris a psychotherapist who works with children, adolescents, and adults and is passionate about early intervention and using creativity as a tool for healing.

She recently consulted with the charity A Lust for Life on their programme for schools in Ireland. This is an emotional wellbeing and resilience programme for children, developed with best practice in psychology, mindfulness and education. In addition to consulting on the creative aspects of the lessons, she developed a set of visualizations to be played at the end of each class to help ground the children.

Dr Harris grew up in the New Forest, studied in London and now lives in Ireland (Dublin).


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