I’ve visited Weleda UK’s gardens for two consecutive years during their Weleda Insight days. Even for a novice gardener like me its an amazing experience! In the past I shared with you their history, their passion and the wonderful products that are made from the flowers and herbs grown at their garden. I’m now thrilled to share with you Weleda’s Global Garden Campaign for one person to win a Weleda journey around the world.

The Winner will have a one-off opportunity to travel the world next spring on a carbon neutral journey, and to visit the different Weledas from March to June 2018.

Weleda will be looking for entrants from 18 different countries where Weleda operates, who can be sent through to the next round:

* Argentina                             * Australia                               * Austria

* Belgium                                * Brazil                                     * Chile

* Czech Republic                    * France                                   * Germany

* Italy                                       * Netherlands                         * New Zealand

* Russia                                   * Spain                                      * Sweden

* Switzerland                          * UK/Ireland                            * USA


Qualifying candidates from each country will then go through to the next stage of the competition, which will be open to a public vote. Each hopeful globetrotter will look to get as many votes as possible via a dedicated Global Garden online platform, in order to go through to the regional shortlist of 6 candidates for the 18 regions. The final regional selection will be made by the Weleda judging panel on 12 September 2017. One Finalist from each country will then go forward to the international selection process in October 2017. Finalists must be free to travel out to Weleda Germany for this final phase of the competition.


Weleda UK will be accepting applications from within the United Kingdom and Ireland at www.weledaglobalgarden.com/gbr between 8 August and 10 September 2017. Entrants need to meet the competition criteria and must:

  • be over the age of 18
  • be capable of independent travel, self-motivating, and happy to journey solo much of the time
  • have excellent written and spoken English, and ideally a natural flair for writing as the Winner will be   reporting on their journey
  • be healthy and fit with plenty of stamina – at times the travel will be long and tiring
  • be able to freely travel to all the countries on the tour with the relevant visas
  • be available to travel for 3 months uninterrupted between mid March and mid June 2018
  • agree to transfer of copyright for content created for the project (text, images etc) to Weleda
  • be prepared to travel to Germany for the final audition 9-13 October 2017

Photographers, vloggers, bloggers, illustrators and other artistic types are encouraged to enter because there is so much scope for creative development in this project. The Global Garden Winner will be expected to compile imaginative and entertaining reports at each leg of the journey, which will be published on the Weleda Global Garden website.

Travel to each destination on this particular grand tour will be paid by Weleda, together with accommodation and subsistence at these stops, with some social events organised by Weleda. But any additional exploration or sightseeing along the way will be at the Winner’s expense. Contracted to work on the project over the three months, the Winner will have some free time to take in a few nearby sights at each destination, and will be given a very welcome 10,000 euros spending money to be able to really enjoy the journey and take home a few mementos. For more information and to apply visit the website.

Good Luck!


Press Release copy and graphics provided by Weleda UK


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