I’ve it said before, as a child. I hated tea! It was only when I moved to England that I learned to appreciate a cuppa. As I ‘mature’, tea has become comfort on a cold day, solace on a hard day, even part of my hair care regime! Sometimes, it’s green tea, sometimes it’s fruit n spice tea other times I go for floral… rose buds … mmm. My cupboard always has tea, east four types. Still, I never knew it tea would become even more important to me, until I had COVID. Suddenly I was grasping for all the home remedies and ‘bush teas’ I could remember from childhood. Since I’ve recovered, my tea stash is even bigger. Drinking tea is now part of my healthy living regime.


Possible Health Benefits of Tea

Tea types vary based on how the tea leaves are harvested or processed. Black teas is from fermentation. While green tea is non-fermented. Then there’s oolong which is semi-fermented. Possible benefits of drinking ranges from reducing risk of some cancers to enhanced cardiovascular function, metabolic health.

Apparently it can even be good for the bones!  One case study reported that in the case of older women here was better bone mineral density in those women who drank tea.

tea varieties

Tea and Sympathy

When I contracted COVID, at first I was scared but eventually my emotions settled. I began drinking more than my usually up of the day. For the first week, I had mainly turmeric, ginger and lemon with lemongrass (unknown was fevergrass back home) on rotation. By the time hubby contracted the virus I was on the mend, but he couldn’t bear drinking the teas. I recovered he took longer to mend.

I am not a doctor and to date there is no specific study with findings on the benefits of drinking tea when you have COVD. Definitely speak to your GP before making any major changes to your diet, especially, if you are special medication or have a medical concern. However, I can say from my personal experience I noticed while drinking more tea during the time I was sick with COVID:

  • better skin/complexion
  • much less joint pain
  • recovery with no lingering side effects (albeit I am also double vaccinated)


Teas I’m Drinking Now

Thanks to my friend Natasha, over at Brown Skin Dark Lips, I’m into a new rage of teas, Dalgety! I still luv my Jasmine tea, a strong Yorkshire Gold, teapigs, Pukka, and  now Dalgety!  From the teas I’ve drunk from Dalgey so far, they have flavours authentic to the ‘bush teas’ I had as a child. Their lemon grass tea is divine. The ginseng and ginger (with honey) is an acquired taste. Once when I was very poorly in Trinidad, my GP recommended a multivitamin that contained ginseng. We also have range of soft drinks with ginseng with it, so I thought I’d had it to my tea stash.

@msxpat … one cup at a time and making holiday plans #januaryblues #bluemonday #mindfulliving #msxpat ♬ Taste It – Ikson


Ginseng has long been linked to improving physical stamina. However, study has shown that it also improves concentration, and memory … and you know I need that with my ole menopause brain. They say it also slows the aging process … YES THANK YOU… and relieves various other health problems, such as respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, depression, anxiety, and menopausal hot flashes.

Turmeric tea I’m sticking with for sure, as well as cooking with it. I prefer using the fresh root but when I don’t have any I use the tea bags. Like lemongrass, turmeric is reported to be good for treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis. My daily walk to work is substantially less discomforting at the end of the day.


What’s your favourite cuppa? Why do you drink it? Comment below I would love to hear from you.


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