I recently read a blog about inspiring books on England. As an avid reader, the books I read in teens and twenties strongly influenced my decision to come to travel. In fact, some of my favourite books were on the list, in the blog! In a bid find a new staycation destination, I looked to the setting of the books and wouldn’t you know, I found it! The location of one of my favourite books horror reads, Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Whitby is on my staycation bucket list.

About Whitby

Whitby is ancient seaport town in Northern Yorkshire, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. In more modern times it’s well known as being the one of the locations Bram Stoker’s Dracula. 2022 marks 125 years the novel, Dracula for which the Whitby Abbey  (in time for Halloween) was light up to celebrate the its publication. The River Esk runs through the town effectively splitting it in two.

On the Easter side stands Whitby Abbey, the founding point for the town, which dates back to 656 AD. While on the West Cliff is the modern side and has all the hotels, guest houses, holiday accommodation and tourist attractions. Stoker is known to have stayed at a guest house in Royal Crescent in the late 19h century. The landscape inspired his novel, Whitby Abbey and the surrounding area. During this period the town was a popular spa town, other notable creative visitors to the town included Turner, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens.



As a destination steeped in history it’s now surprise Whitby has a host of attractions. Naturally, Whitby Abbey comes to mind. The abbey was founded in 657 by St Hilda  and in 2011, it was declared Britain’s most romantic ruin. The gothic abbey is set high on a cliff overlooking spectacular sea views. Whitby Abbey is also one of England’s most important archaeological sites. Over 2,000 years of history imagine to stories yet to be told.

There are many divisive personalities all through out history and it’s fair to say Captain Cook is one. Finger through the history books about the Pacific, South Atlantic and the Artic and you’re sure to spot mention of him. Before his explorations, Cook was a seaman in Whitby. The17th century very house where he lodged as an apprentice is now home to his museum. On visiting the museum, you will be taking steps that the Captain took! Explore the house and court gardens. Be sure to check the events page. The museum runs activities from time to time such as rope making and nots, making your own compass and more. Visit there website to see what’s on, when you’re visiting.

Whitby Pavilion is also the place to visit. It offers a variety of all year round events from the Annual Folk Weekend to Goth Weekends and more.  Although, if you are Batty for all things Nosferatu have a look at events planned by the Dracula Society.

There’s more to the seaside than the gothic and grotesque historical connections. Try walkabout for green therapy. Explore North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Alternatively, take to the water for a cruise.


Whitby Jet

I am familiar with jet jewellery. In Trinidad you are likely to see babies adorned with a jet wrist band ‘for protection’. It’s a superstition whether you believe not you may heed especially as a new parent. There are different types and quality. Now, that I didn’t know. Whitby jet is a semi-precious organic gemstone formed over millions of years from the fossilised remains of the modern day Monkey Puzzle, and other similar trees. If you visit a piece of jet is the ideal souvenir gift. Genuine Whitby Jet is one of the many places you can buy jet jewellery and other accessories.

FYI: you also take are way a taste of Whitby when you buy from Whitby Hampers and tipples from Whitby Distillery.

Hopefully a trip to Whitby will not be in the too distant future but for previous first hand staycations CLICK HERE. What’s on your staycation bucket let, comment below. Inspire us.




Feature Image Credit: www.visitwhitby.com

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