I often write about my children’s milestones but I’ve written on for myself over the years.  Recently, I’ve been looking at my blog, thinking about moving forward as a freelance writer and professional blogger. It got me to thinking about where I’ve come from. When I say where I came from, I didn’t mean geographically. I meant how I’ve grown over the past 6 years a woman, a parent and a blogger. When I started The Tiger Tales it saw an act of self-preservation. At the time I didn’t know I had postnatal depression but I knew it wasn’t normal to be scared, crying, anxious, lacking appetite, endless nightmares, poor sleep all while feeling as though I was forever walking through a mist… in a nutshell. If you haven’t been reading The Tiger Tales for long you would not have known. It’s still hard to look back at those moments in my life but I thought I’d take a peek and share some of it with you.

December 2011 I blogged; … The days ahead seem long, hard and lonely. Inside I feel this big black hole of sorrow, fear and panic.

My tipping point was on receiving a card from a student from my old job. A simple Xmas card made me cry…

I ask myself ‘why did the card make me cry?’ Truthfully, I’m not sure but I guess the gesture showed me that I matter even though I don’t always feel that way.

May 2014 blogged; I remember many years ago reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin at university and I totally got Edna… Yes, she was a bit childish and selfish. I’ll admit that I am a bit like that too but hey no one is perfect. I remember when Edna expressed that she would give up her money and her life for her children but not herself. I understood what she meant.

By September 2014 I felt my daughter has given me such joy. Valentina has shown me not to sweat the small things. Every day she fills me with wonder. I’m always mouth open gaping at her antics. Valentina’s strength and independence has freed me to enjoy motherhood.

Things really turned around by 2015; Seems like only yesterday that he nervously proposed to me at Lanes Restaurant, in the East End of London. We are in a good place. We are happy. He was the only man who broke say past my shyness and could cope with my passionate nature.  Nonetheless it has taken time to adjust to the changes that married life and becoming parents brings. Having the right partner and being willing to work through thing, that’s the game changer.

Today I’m as type I’m closer to whole than I’ve ever been. Blogging has opened my eyes to a path I’d never envisioned for myself. I’m especially  grateful for my cyber friends. I still want to write about the things that matter to me such as family, education, days out, wellbeing and whatever else tickles my fancy as I grow older. However, as I gear up for 2018 let me know what content you would like to see.



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