It’s been three years and three months since I stopped chemically processing my hair. I have not regrets. I feel fabulously FREE in that regard. Every natural has her own experience. Personally, I have had 6 standout lessons so far.

My Natural Hair lessons


The 6 lessons I’ve learnt so far:
  • Only do the big chop (BC) when you are certain you are ready to let go of your old hair ways
  • Less is more: good hair products and as little hair manipulation as possible goes a long way for growth
  • Do trim your ends from time to time (its recommended every 6-8 wks, but I do twice per year)
  • Pre-poos are great for preventing excess loss of the hair’s natural oils and improving the hairs flexibility (swish swish)
  • Keeping hair and scalp moisturised improves the hair condition and there is less frizz.
  • Hair may shed after pregnancy due to changes in hormones (more info here)

Postpartum Shedding 

The last point above is true for me.  When Angelo was three months, I noticed my hair began to shed. I was not alarmed because I knew it would settle in time.  I expected the same once Valentina was born but this time around it was more intense. My hair line is mess.
At the moment, I have two bald spots by my temples, not very attractive. When I finally had the time to visit my hairdresser, I had a much needed treatment and a trim. Fingers crossed,  by the end of the year the shedding would have stopped. For more pics of my journey click HERE.
Are you a nautralista? What was the best thing about going natural?  Did your hair change during or after pregnancy? If so, how? I’d love to hear your story.
 This is post taken from my natural hair page it was written May 2013
(Updated 10th May 2020)

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