I’ve been wearing my hair natural (if you exclude the highlights) for 3 years and 11 months now. In that time, I’ve only used heat on ‘wash-day’ for deep conditioning and  drying my twists . I’ve been wanting to experiment with diffusing for AAAAGES. I’d viewed Taren Guys YouTube video on diffusing natural hair a few times and I thought I was ready to take it to the next level. What I’ve learnt about diffusing hair  is heat protection is vital.

Recently,  I was finally able to treat myself to a new hairdryer WITH a diffuser attachment. I’d read a few reviews and opted to go with  the Diva Professional Styling  Veloce 3800 PRO which has ‘Ionic Technology’. Ionic Technology is meant to neutralize ‘ionic charges on the hair smoothing the hair shaft to add shine, softness and manageability whilst reducing flyaway hair caused by static’. They had me at softness and manageability. To be honest I didn’t know and never noticed if I had frizzy hair due to static as only used my hairdryer for and not styling. According to review the diffuser attachment I selected, Diva Professional Styling Disffuser XL PRO, can fit most Diva Professional hairdryers. When it arrived I was shocked by the size! It could fit half of head! But  the upside is as my hair grows I will not need to purchase another, also my drying time would be cut down.  Both products have lived up to their claims. On both occasions my hair was lovely and swishing with minimal frizz. However, my it was not a silky to the touch as when I twist, dry my hair, then rock a twist-out. It never occurred to me to to apply a heat protection treatment.


diffuser hairdryer



SO! based on my novice hair styling blunder I have a few questions for more experienced natural hair wearers/stylers:

– What heat protection product should I use (cream, or liquid spray…)

– How often can I safely diffuse  my hair

– How do I maintain my curls after day 1

Added to the above I need to work on my technique as I’m not getting much volume.


Do you style your natural hair by diffusing?Are you happy with the results? What products do you use to prep your hair? Are you big on volume? If so how do you achieve it?


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