When COVID-19 (coronavirus) hit the UK in 2020, like most people I was scared! Added to the general worry about how contagious is, as an over 40’s Black woman  with asthma  I was at risk. Christmas of 2019, Hubby and I had very bad flu, but for me simply climbing the short flight of stairs to our bedroom felt like climbing a mountain. Speaking was difficult. I was so breathless; I could barely speak. Was it COVID then? We’ll never know. The point is in 2020 with the world in lockdown  due to Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) as a family we were was careful as possible. We stayed local and explored to the outdoors more. After work/school we showered straightaway. Unfortunately, we fell ill in December 2021. My family and I had COVID-19 during Christmas but thankfully we’ve recovered.


Our Covid Symptoms

Each member of my family had different Covid Symptoms. I fell ill first on the Monday, one week before Christmas. I awoke to aching eyes, pains all over my body, skin sensitivity and fatigue. My lateral flow test (LFT) and PCR test done on the day were positive. I slept a great deal for four days. Emotionally, I was apprehensive. There are so many unknowns to the virus. How would my body respond? Would the symptoms escalate? During that time Hubby and our kids’ LFT were negative. However, on Friday of that week hubby awoke with similar symptoms to me but with a cough. He went for a PCR test with our kids. On the Saturday it was confirmed they had it as well.


Mercifully, I developed no further symptoms. I never lost my sense of smell or taste. I never lost my appetite and never developed a cough. On the Saturday Ang developed a sore throat which couple days. Lil V crashed on Sunday with a temperature and fatigue for a couple days. The three we recovered by Christmas Eve but hubby was poorly for the full two weeks. He had most of the reported symptoms from nausea, to difficulty breathing and fatigue.


How We coped With Covid

I am grateful to our friends, family and neighbours who checked in on us. We tried several of the remedies suggested. We drank the Fever Grass (lemon grass) tea sent to us all the way from NYC courtesy my bestie in Trinidad. I had lots of lemon, ginger and turmeric as my mum advised and never stopped my asthma meds and daily Omega supplements. Honestly, I think the remedies put together with lifestyle really helped me.

Hubby was not as good a patient as me. He’s not used to ‘bush’ medicine. Frustrated that he wasn’t recovering, as well as, the rest of us, he stopped drinking the teas. It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that he began to feel more like himself again.


Covid-19 Vaccine

Both hubby and I are double vaccinated. We were booked to have our boosters but contracted the virus a few days before our appointment. Now, we have to wait 28 days before having the booster. Frankly, I was skeptical about having the vaccine. I didn’t rush to have it but when I did, there were no adverse side effects. Looking back, I’m glad both vaccinated. Hubby was so poorly heaven knows what our situation would have been without it.

I’m amazed and grateful that our bodies coped with the virus, all the while knowing that for many people didn’t have the same outcome. Both hubby and I have had friends and family who suffered dearly, some didn’t make it into 2022.

Wherever you are, I wish you happy, healthy, Covid free 2022. And if you have an Covid experience you would like to share, do comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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