Valentina is now 9 months old and I’ve maintained Tuesdays as our day. Angelo is at nursery all day. She and I don’t spend all the time together. She watches tele, plays with toys and has the odd power-nap   I do house work, cook and catch up on correspondence (sometime with her on my back, in a sling). In between doing our thing. We have playtime and cuddles time together, sometimes a walk and retail therapy thrown in. Its all about looking after our wellbeing Today I was naughty I opted to indulge in watching YouTube natural hair videos.  I always feel happy, empowered and ready to do anything after a good YouTube natural hair video session.


Today I realized why I like watching natural hair videos so much. It’s the sharing; nurturing and the feeling of togetherness that makes me feel empowered. It goes beyond wanting my hair to be healthy and grow. It’s about loving the skin I’m in and passing that love and confidence down to my kids. Here’s a list of  some of ladies whose videos I enjoy:

I was so revved up after my session yesterday, I managed to whip of a mean banana cake (my first in cake over 10 years!) AND bake chicken all in 1 ½ hours, just time for Hubby’s return from work. RESULT!  I’m so proud of my cake, here’s a close up, just for you…



Where was Valentina in all of this, I hear you ask? She was right there with me at my feet, in my arms, on my lap and on the carpet doing her thing at various stages. She’s still too young to lick the batter.



How do your spend your MeTime or WeTime?


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