It was so tempting to go to West Beach, Littlehampton, on Easter Sunday. In the end, we decided to go to the local pool. We already had our mini break which included lots of driving. The kids are simply happy to be outdoors anywhere. We had a wonderful evening at the pool, then back home to eat our BBQ left-over. Then it occurred to me I’ve never told you about West Beach! First, it should be on your list for the summer. Here’s why you should visit West Beach Littlehampton.


We spent a day on West Beach, Littlehampton, in July 2018. The sun was high in the sea and the walk from the parking bay was about 8 mins which seemed like forever, in the heat. Once over the sand dunes onto the sandy shore we set-up camp.  The water was blue, the sky was blue and the sand was almost white. I remember hubby taking a pic and sending it to a mate; cheekily, he suggested we were in southern France. Ha!  There were many families and couples lounging, sun bathing, eating and swimming. As far as, the eyes could see there were colour blankets and umbrellas but it didn’t feel over crowded.

The car park is small and public toilets could be about 6 minutes -walk depending on where you set-up on the beach. We didn’t use the toilets, so, I can’t comment on the up-keep.

Water quality

I relish any opportunity to swim in the sea. My family are less enthusiastic than me but they do enjoy a trip to the beach. The kids play in the sand mostly, hubby sits on a picnic chair. Nonetheless, they will at some point swim and because three of us suffer with eczema I try to be careful were we swimming. Up until 2018 the water quality at Littlehampton has been certified has good (not excellent) but good.

While I was swimming, I saw shoals of fish which set me at ease. Sign of life is a good way to know the water truly is good.  Most of my time was spent in the water.  There was the perfect balance of stinging hot sun and cool clear sea water.


Once on the West Beach you will not want to leave. It’s too pretty and parking can be tricky to get. We took our picnic bag with us but we also bought fish and chips from the West Beach Café. There’s something about eating freshly cooked fish and chips on the beach that simply glorious. The food the café served up was scrumptious and the best we’d had since our Isle of Wight hols.

A river separates West Beach from the Harbour Park and seaside amusements. On the Harbour Park side there’s The Galley Restaurant & Tea Rooms and on Wharf Road there’s The Arun View Inn and Wimpy’s on Surrey Street but this is not an exhaustive list. There are other places to eat.



I can hardly wait for the sunnier days to return. West Beach is firmly my list. If you plan on visiting and but you’ve never been before my top tips would be; Take snacks and water and arrive by midday for a better chance of finding parking (be sure to have cash the machine take card payments)

Have you been to West Beach? Maybe you’ve spent the day in Littlehampton, what is your personal highlight? Do you have a top tip, comment below.





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