Recently, I received the Mini Calendula Baby Starter Kit from Weleda. It’s from their Calendula Baby skincare range. I was interested to see how the products would work on my children, especially Valentina. She’s 7 months old. I’d just begun using mild fragranced products on her but I try to be careful in the products I use. Both hubby and I suffer with eczema, in varying severity. Thankfully, neither child has shown any sign of having that problem. Hubby and I share in the bath time ritual, so, we need products that will be gentle on us as well.  Some products may work well on children but cause irritation on our skin. Hubby was not involved but the kids and I had good results with the Weleda Calendula baby skincare products.

What’s Inside Calendula Baby Starter Kit Starter

In the mini  Weleda Calendula Baby Skincare Starter Kit there are products for all of baby’s bath and skin care needs. I contains:
  • 1 x 10ml Calendula Face Cream
  • 1 x 20 ml Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash
  • 1 x 10ml Calendula Oil
  • 1 x 10ml Calendula Nappy Change Cream
  • 1 x 10ml Calendula Baby Lotion
‘These products have been certified as natural skincare. They are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants. Free of raw material derived from mineral oils’ and are dermatologically proven to be friendly on sensitive skin.

Ingredients In Calendula Baby Skincare

The following ingredients have been used in the range:Organic Calendula; Organic Camomile; Almond Oil, Sesame Oil; Beeswax and Lanolin. I am happy to report that overall, I truly love this range.
Here’s how the other products worked:
  • Baby Oil- (its 100% organic) I used it in the children’s bath water. I also used it on a few occasions as an alternative to the body lotion, as well as massage oil for Valentina.  The summer is proving to be quite a hot one but the oil still works well and doesn’t make them sweaty.
  • Face Cream- it contains extract of organic chamomile, and pure plant oils of the sweet almond and organic sesame. It healed Valentina’s irritated cheeks (too many kisses from daddy with his prickly beard)
  • Nappy Cream- is light but it moisturises really well and is not difficult to remove like our regular nappy cream.


weleda calendula baby skincare

The Trial

The first product I tried was the Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash. I used it on Angelo. As I lathered up my hands the bathroom was filled with the most soothing fragrance. Angelo sniffed the air then said “I smell something” so I allowed him to smell the creamy lather. He said “hmmm nice”. I asked him what it smelt like he said “STRAWBERRY!”. Not that it smelt like strawberry but in his 2 ½ years mind, strawberries have the best smell, that’s how  much he enjoyed it. The texture is light and creamy, even the lather was more creamy than foamy on the skin once applied to hair it did foam a bit. A little does a long way with this product which is will be easier on the pocket in the long-run.

I also tried the two in one on Valentina. It worked well for her skin but was not as moisturizing for her hair.  Valentina’s hair has tighter curls and it’s prone to tangling. On the second occasion I pre-treated her hair with an oil (not Weleda’s) and got better results. However, while, I’ll happily use this product again on both children, I’ll refrain from using it in Valentina’s hair. She fusses when I try to get tangles out, and there isn’t a conditioner in the range that I can follow up with.

After each child’s bath, I then followed up with the baby lotion which has a light double cream consistency. Their skin felt so soft and kissable!

The Results

All the products are light but effective and absorb quickly into skin. In spite of the summer heat, there isn’t a clammy or tacky feel to the children’s skin after using the products.  I’d certainly recommend this range for little ones because it’s gentle enough for their delicate skin. The soothing smell is sure to soothe both little one and carer.


The Starter Kit is ideal for short trips, weekend breaks or as a pressie for an expectant mum. You can find more information on the range and other Weleda products on the Weleda website  .
You can also follow them on Facebook  and Twitter  and Pinterest.
Please note this is not a sponsored but, however I was sent the baby starter kit for the purpose of this review.
(updated 14th May 2020)

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