I woke up one morning two months ago and suddenly it seemed I had dry dull skin and more cellulite! Granted, I had been grabbing more fast food than usual due to a busy schedule but I was drinking lots of water and exercising. My skincare regime was more or less the same,  with a few age appropriate changes. Then, I learnt that I was not in perimenopause but full on menopause, so, I guess that along with and my erratic food selections lead to dull skin. Weleda told me about their Birch 30 Day Challenge and offered to send me the products to trial. What did I have to lose? I took Weleda’s 30 Birch Challenge.

The Products

The wonders of birch juice were already known in the early 19th Century. Weleda credits Nicholas Culpepper, who said in 1826, in his book ‘Complete Herbal’: “The juice of the leaves, while they are young, or the distilled water of them, being drank for some days together, is available to break the stone in the kidneys and the bladder”. Weleda sent me full size products to use during the Birch 30 Day Challenge. The products included

Birch Juice 200ml £10.95– health supplement to help detoxify and spring clean the body, healthily and naturally. It’s made from organic silver birch (Betula alba), without added sweeteners, and blended with refreshing lemon juice.

Birch Cellulite Oil 100ml £25.95– extracts from organically grown young birch leaves, rosemary and butcher’s broom stimulate the skin’s metabolism, blended with active carrier oils, such as vitamin rich wheatgerm and jojoba – famously able to hold moisture where it is meant to be, along with grapefruit and cypress oils for fragrance

Birch Body Scrub 150ml £9.95–   fresh birch leaves contain valuable flavanoids which encourage secretion or elimination processes to flush out toxins.  It’s a gentle body scrub which refines and invigorates the skin using tiny little micro-beads of natural wax.

Body Brush £4.95- is made from Asian tree Schima superba, and has an organic cotton strap. Synthetic bristles make it vegan.

The Challenge

The aim was to increase vitality, shake off winter sluggishness, and improve skin tone and radiance.  Over the 30 days I began including Birch products into my self-care regime. I started with the Birch Juice; 2tps diluted in 500ml water, which I drank during the day. For the first two weeks, after that only on my gym days. The shower products were also used on my gym days were 3 times weekly, after my workout.

After three weeks, I included the body brushing to my regime. The brush is not part of the Birch collection. It can be used prior to shower/bath with any bath products. However, it made an excellent companion to the Birch challenge. It’s advised to brush the skin when it’s dry in the morning before the bath/shower. Dry brushing is said to improve the circulation, remove dead skin and reduce cellulite.

Over the years I’ve always heard that dry brushing was good but I’d never tired it. So, I watched few ‘how to videos’, as you do, these days.

The Results

I noticed by week three my skin began to feel more toned and my face was radiant. By the final week when I was using the body brush I could see an improvement in the appearance of my cellulite on my thighs. It didn’t go away but there was definite improvement and gave me hope that along with my gym routine my cellulite will be much improved over time.

My face certainly looked brighter and clearer. I was getting comments about how good and young I look which I attribute to the glow my skin had once more.

My energy levels were about the same. My sleep pattern is not how it used to be, another menopause symptom… sigh… but my mood was good.  Overall, I was tremendously pleased with results of my challenge.

TopTips: Weleda suggests that a birch detox is better as 3-6 week course at the change of seasons and is not advisable for if you’re, currently pregnant/breastfeeding,  if you are unwell or undergoing treatment for a health and not during winter, because we’re not usually at our fittest. 



I’m all about ageing gracefully and self-care. Summer here come! I got my glow back while on the Weleda 30 Birch Challenge.

Remember check with your GP before making any major health changes

For more information on the products and Weleda visit their website.


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