I’ve dropped a dress size! Since joining the gym in July, I’ve lost 12 pounds. When I began my weightloss journey, I aimed to lose twenty pounds by Christmas 2015. Now, I’m re-evaluating my decision. I’m stronger than I’ve been in the last four years. I’m slimmer than I’ve been in the last three years. I feel great my confidence levels are high. Nonetheless the reason for my change in goal is how I look. I question if the loss of eight pounds would look good on me. In my opinion being super thin in your 20’s and 30’s is great, but in your 40’s if you are not naturally super slim it may not look as attractive. Personally, when I loss too much weight my face looks gaunt and that’s not a look I want at this stage in my life. I’ve continued to lose weight because whenever I plateau I change an element of my regime. Last month I introduced breakfast smoothies into my diet.


Hubby and I finally invested in a Nutribullet smoothie maker. Baring the odd occasion when the rubber around the blade pops out, we are happy with our decision to buy it. Its small, compact and there is zero loss of fruit. Unless I peeled the fruit prior to it putting into the Nutribullet, I get 100% of what I put in. Best of all its super easy to clean. I tend to make smoothies that combine fruit, vegetables and nuts. I use a variety of liquids depending on the texture and flavour smoothie I want. I use:  fruit juice, tap water, coconut water, yogurt, cow’s milk. I have a breakfast smoothie when I’m going the gym directly after the school run, or if I’m going to have a very busy morning. It saves on time and I don’t miss out on the most vital meal of the day. I don’t get hungry until midday because I make those smoothies quite thick. I’ve noticed when I’ve had smoothie before my workout I feel more energised. I have the power to charge through my workout of choice which is usually Zumba! I LOVE ZUMBA!

Overall, I’m thrilled about how my weight loss is going. For November, I want to focus more on my abs and back. My sciatica is acting up again and I’m told strengthening that area will help improve the condition. Just as important, I’ve always put abs at the bottom of my weight management regime but now I’m on the other side of forty I need a new approach. How’s your weight loss journey coming along? Are you waiting for the New Year to start your weight regime? I’d like to hear from you.


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