Four months into my weight loss journey, and it’s time for new gym kit. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always find it hard to commit to brand when it comes to gymwear. My eyes are pulled in every possible direction. And then, I end up wearing an old t-shirts and seven year old leggings. I purchased new gym wear when I joined the gym but they soon didn’t fit. I began to lose weight within one week of my gym regime. In hindsight, I think the quality of clothing and the cut was good. The second set, still fits even though I continue to lose weight which great!  I received those when I attended the Mum On A Mission keepfit event  sponsored by Kiddicare and Instructor Live hosted by Kimberly Wyatt and Ben. Because I’m doing so well with my weightloss, I feel deserve a treat of new kit.  My eyes have been peeled online to see what takes my fancy. I’ve spotted a few treats which I’ve added to my next gymwear wishlist.

My gym is twelve minutes’ walk away from my home. I don’t drive, so, guess who walks to the gym on cold dark winter’s evenings.  I’m learning to drive though, so I’ve noticed the value of bright clothing for a pedestrian. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I love funky statement leggings.

Outer wear

Oufit details: Next Only Play Sandora Cropped Tee, Next Teal Over Head Hoodie, Toned Totty Wonder Bumtum Street Supplex Gym Leggings 

I prefer to layer up because it’s cold when I leave home but after Zumba, I’m hot and wet. Then I remove one layer for the walk home. I got to say with my TWA hairstyle (teeny weeny afro) hoodies are vital to keep the chill away. Nothing worse than a cold head. I mix up on workout routine but if I can fit in two Zumba sessions for the week, I very happy, tired but happy. I enjoy the vibrant feel good factor of the music and the steps. I tell myself it’s Carnival Tuesday in Port-of-Span and away I go. Hence the importance of good support wear.

Thermal & Support Wear

Push Up Sports Bra  and Long black vest

As a lady of a certain again, I value quality support wear that will make me look good but keep things where they belong… if you know what I mean.

…and carry my water, homemade ‘dino charge’ nurtiblast smoothie and other bits and bobs, this compact Kipsta knapsack from Decathlon.

Kipsta Intensive Yellow

I’d say my gym style is colourful, funky, with an emphasis on support and comfort. What’s your gym style? I’d love to hear from you. You can always follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to at the gym.

2016, trim, fit body here I come!


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