It’s the end of the second week of my weight loss regime. I’ve lost 3 lbs so far and I feel GREAT! In Zumba class I can lift my legs of the floor. In Total Body Workout, my sit-ups have improved. I no longer look like an upturned cockroach. My 9th wedding anniversary is on 4th August. Hubby and I are planning a date night out.  I’m hoping to lose another 2lbs by then.  I will not be my 11 stone self that I was in 2006 but I will be slimmer than I am now AND toned! I’m super excited about the results I can see already. Here’s how the last week has been for me.

At the gym I’m still doing mostly cardio workouts. I want to burn as much fat as I can. I LOVE ZUMBA. I feel as though I’m at Latin dance party! I also enjoy lifting free weights but I do get addicted, when I start. So I’m taking it slow to burn fat first then start with the free weights full on. Although, in my Total Body Workout class we do use weights, but I keep it light to perfect my positioning and complete the reps.  No point selecting heavy weights, then not being able to do all the reps required in the session.

diet meals and drinks

sample of meals snack & drink

I’m not an organized diet meal planner. I decide in the moment what I want. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you will notice that I’m not deprive myself of anything, I’m simply applying portion control as best I can. I’ve also downloaded an app on my phone where I can log what I’ve eaten and calculate the calories. It also features useful and informative blog articles that keep me motivated. I save my treats for workout days that way I know I will work off the calories. I do make certain not to eat back the calories I’ve worked off, that would be pointless.

I do my best to keep hydrated. I have a variety of drinks. I don’t have problem drinking plain water. It’s the best. However on gym days I do sometimes have coconut water, or fruit infused waters just to shake things up a bit. I also have more herbal teas and less English teas. I add more sugar than I should when I drink English tea or Coffee.  Herbal teas help me manage bloating and hunger pangs.

Are you on a summer diet or simply living a healthy lifestyle? Please share you tips and ‘tricks’. I’d love to hear from you.


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