I’m pleased to say that my weight loss regime is on track. The 5th week of my gym membership passed last week and I’ve lost 6 pounds. I’m thrilled with my progress. I’ve been using an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal to keep track of what I’m eating and my calorie in take. At first I found it difficult to stick to the daily ration set by the NHS weight loss guide. It found it easier to follow My Fitness Pal’s calorie intake suggestion. I don’t always stick to it but because I’m also working out I’m losing weight. I’m losing on average one pound per week which is what I wanted.


Calorie Counting 

According to the NHS weight loss plan, as a woman I should stick to 1,400 kcal for most women per day. I found this quite challenge. However with My Fitness Pal, I’m advised to stick to 1,750 kcal. I found this more achievable and as stated earlier with my gym regime, I’m have still been losing weight weekly. As I’ve stated in previous post, portion control is one of my problems. Therefore, I opted to take this method of losing weight because it makes me think about what I’m eating. Recently I was shown an article that explains calorie counting  and how it works. I do still have sweet things and other treats but in much much smaller quantities and usually on gym days.


Week 5 Results 

At the end of week 5, not only did I lose weight I lost inches. My under bra measurement is now 35 inches and my waist s 37. Which means I’ve lost 5 inches on under bra and three on my waist. This means I’m now back to a firm UK16. It’s my aim to do down to a UK14. I look my best at that size. I’ve now added drinks to help me detox. I start my day with warm lemon water, then follow up with fresh fruit juice.  Hubby and kids love the fresh juice and its great we can share elements of my healthy regime together. I’m not making smoothies at the moment because our smoothie maker broke. I also have more herbal teas. They help be curb my hunger SOMETIMES. Do you calorie count? If I’m having rice or pasta I try to have brown or whole wheat.


How many calories do you aim to take in per day? What do you use to monitor your intake? Feel free to share you stories. We can motivate each other.




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