Last summer the kids and I fun time hunting for butterflies and wildflowers.  We took our Plantlife wildflower spotter sheet everywhere we went, just in case.  At home, we’ve been trying to grow flowers that would attract the mini beasts. Our wildflowers have not done very well in the heatwave but we still get a few visitors: Brimstone, Gatekeeper, Green Veined White.  There’s only a few days left before six weeks of summer holidays; we are going on a wildflower hunt.

Wild at Heart

I love wildflowers because …they’re wild. They are such hardy, colourful, beautiful, resilient plant life. Wildflowers inspire me because they thrive where their seeds fall. I’ve been growing wildflowers for the past two year. I never know what we are going to get. There are so many varieties in the UK. You can’t get bored of their beauty. The first time I saw a Nigella, it took my breath away.

Teddy Bear Picnic

Summer with the kids is so much fun! We are outdoorsy and it doesn’t much to excite them.  Pack a picnic, hop on a bus to a park; their travel is still free. Cuddly toys in tow, we usually set-up, eat lunch, have some bubble then then go hunting for flowers.


Nature Walk

We are also fortunate to have a park 10 mins from us. On days when we are less adventurous, we simply take a walk to that park. It backs onto the River Wandle.  Along the Wandle Trail we are sure to find: nettles, clovers, cow parsley, butter cups any others finds are simple delight.


Great British Wildflower Hunt

It’s a basic fact of life that we need plants: for clean air, food, aesthetics (peace of mind).  So, I’m thrilled that Plantlife is promoting the wildflower hunting again, this summer.  They say by taking part in the hunt, they will gain ‘… information about where flowers can be found. This will help us to campaign for more wild flowers and help us give more information to people wanting to find more flowers.’

Even if you live in a built up area, search online for your closest park or woods with wildflower, register and download a spotter chart relevant to the area you will be hunting for wildflower, plan your day and off you go. It’s a cheap and easy way to get kids active over the summer. Once you have completed your hunt go back to the website and log your findings. Easy peasy.

Be sure to let us let us know what you find. You tag @mxspat on Insta or Tweet@MsXpat on Twitter. Happy Hunting!


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