Christmas has gone but I’m still thinking of births and in that vein, I’d like to share Valentina’s story…

Hubby and I found out we where pregnant over the Easter of 2012 but the joy was tied-up with sorry. Hubby has lost his mum over that Easter. We had our first scan a couple days after what would have his mum’s birthday. In a way from the start it seemed that the baby had come to ‘save’ us for what of a better word. I had quite a bit of energy that summer. Angelo and I had a fantastic time on various outings. I didn’t want him to feel that my bump was changing too much of what we did together.


Pregnancy Experience


A good friend of mine suggested that I enjoy the pregnancy, if this was going to be the last. She told me about bump photos she’d taken, as well as other stories from her pregnancies. Her advice struck a cord with me.

Pregnancy photo


Two weeks before baby was due,  I decided to have my own bump photos done.  My dear and trusted friend, Chelsea Art Designs did them. By then, Hubby had chosen her name (we knew the sex by 2nd scan).

Baby Due Date


The week I was due came around. Monday no sign. Tuesday no sign, I began to worry. I’d already begun my regime of: raspberry leaf tea, hot curries, steamed ochroes, pineapples and some prunes thrown in for good measure. Wednesday… nothing. Midday Thursday the DUE DAY (yes I know the date is a guide)… but Angelo was born on his due date. 6 pm due day, I’d resigned myself to having another week of waiting.

Suddenly, I felt trickle. Did I just wee myself? Or was it my water breaking? With Angelo it had been like a pop and GUSH. I went into the toilet clean up and that was when I noticed ‘the show’. At the sight of those red streaks the pain kicked in BOOM! The next thing I knew we are headed to the hospital at 6:30 pm with Angelo in tow.



At The Birthing Centre


While being examined and questioned by the midwife at the Birthing Centre the scariest thing happened. My arm when numb and I could not move it. I was on gas and air at the time and the birthing pool was filling up.  In slurred speech I told the midwife and she massage my arm. I soon regained movement the arm.

Once the pool was full I was told I could enter, bawling all the way, I entered the pool… BOOM I felt Valentina drop even further and it was time for action.


The Birth


There was a moment Angelo got distressed because he saw me crying but it was short lived for most the time he wanted to come in with me. He must have thought it was a swim time. Then I felt THE PAIN that instinctively told me THIS IS IT, I’m pretty sure it was as loud as Braveheart’s cry FREEDOM when I made my final push. She was out by 900 pm, after 3 hours from the start of contractions to active labour. The midwife said “Awh she looks like her mum” I turned to look thinking she would be dark like me. Actually, she was a carbon copy of her big brother.

birth day


She was SO tiny. I began to panic that another had to come. Although I knew we were only having one but my bump had been so huge. Thankfully! There wasn’t another. She was taken cleaned up and her dad assisted in her getting dressed. By 2 am the three of us where back at home. Angelo was already there as his dad’s cousin came to meet him at the hospital.

They call it labour for a reason. Perhaps it was due to the speed with which Valentina entered the world, but I was in bed for most of her dad’s paternity leave . I felt like I’d been in a WWF cage fight. I was the looser.

Valentina (meaning healthy and strong), my darling girl.





(updated 11th September 2020)






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