This year I’ve changed my thinking in terms of what is ‘appropriate’ for an older beauty. I’ve come to embrace bold lips, bronzers and glittery eyes. I remember meeting Nicky Hambleton-Jones about seven years ago, at a Kingston University event. It was during a time when I was trying to come to terms with aging and my personal style. Essentially, she told me as long as you can pull of a look there’s no reason why you can’t wear it. Just don’t dress like mutton dressed as lamb. I think the same is true about makeup. I used to avoid glittery eye makeup. Then I tried Urban Decay’s Moondust.  The eyeshadows in the palette are made of the most fine, delicate and flattering glitter. It’s so fine, it must have been gathered by the little hands of galactic fairies and sent to earth for us mere mortals. Can’t get enough glitter, then Urban Decay’s Moondust is the one for you.



The Palette


The Moondust palette is suitable for every beauty. It comprises of eight sparkly shades; Specter, Element, Magnetic, Lightyear, Granite, Lithium, Vega, Galaxy. They are so pretty and not like anything I’ve seen to date. Each shade seems to have different layers, like a three dimensional depth with iridescence that’s second to known.  Depending on your skin tone. I think some shades may not be as bold on their own. For example Spectre, Element and Lithium maybe more subtle on a yellow undertone. Layering them over another colour will make them pop more.



How to apply


While Lightyear, Granite and Vega may have a similar effect of a beauty with a blue undertone. They glade on easily and because they so fine and soft it’s less likely to slip into the tiny lines of the lids for a more mature beauty. Nevertheless,  I do apply eye makeup primer for a longer-lasting wear.

Moondust can applied wet or dry. I’ve applied mine dry. I’ve used it on its own during the day with just an eyeliner to rim my lids. During the evening, I applied it over my favourite shades from Urban Decay’s limited edition Full Spectrum palette for added sparkle.


Where to buy


Moondust comes in a stunning sparkle encrusted gunmetal case which features a mirrored cut-out “Moondust” logo. It has full-size a mirror but no applicator because its best applied with your fingers. The palette was created to mark the 20th Anniversary of Urban Decay Cosmetics and it RRP£36. If you love glitter this is the palette for you.

You can purchase the Moondust online from the Urban Decay website. Also, you can get social, search hashtag #urbandecaycosmetics to join the conversation.



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