… that’s the question many of us ask, when considering a holiday … along with the cost. Home or away? Since relocating to the UK, in my late 20’s, I’ve done a fair amount of travelling to various parts of the UK and Europe. Although, I still can’t see or hear anything about Venice without my heartbreaking a little, I do adore the British country side. I can’t help but see a fog and think… Sherlock Holmes. I have yet to visit Devon and Cornwall. I’m sure when I do, I’ll be thinking about Daphne du Maurier protagonists.


UK Staycation


freshwater east


My family and I only have staycations, usually to forested parts of the country. There are so many amazing places to visit locally. In fact, a mate recently shared some photos on Facebook, so picturesque, I was fooled into thinking they were  images from Greece , Italy or Cyprus. No! They were all in the UK. Admittedly, I’ve only been to coast around East Sussex.



I’m not familiar what the south west of the country.  I recently had fun taking the Parkdean Holiday quiz to test my ‘local knowledge’ as it were.


Parkdean Holiday Quiz


My score from taking the Parkdean Holiday quiz was 307! There I was thinking ‘wow, that’s good!’ Then I tried again, my score dipped. I wanted to best myself but my score dipped to 240. When I checked the leader board, I realized that I didn’t do as well as I thought. Shock horror! Just goes to show what amazing scenic places there are on this wonderful isle to visit. How about you? How well do you know your country?

Know your Newquay from Nice? Take the Home or Away Quiz to be in with a chance of winning a UK family holiday worth £750 with Parkdean Holidays . Discover the joys of staycations in the UK

Go on, give it a try and don’t forget to sign in with Facebook to be in a chance of winning the 7 nights break. Oh! And do let me know if you beat my score, I reckon it shouldn’t be hard to do.


Further information


To find out more about Parkdean Resorts visit their website. They have locations all around the UK. Whether you are after sandy golden sands or green open spaces, they have got it covered.



*Please note, this post was done in association with Parkdean Holidays.



(updated 22nd July 2020)





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