I’ve been wearing my hair natural for the past 2 ½ years. I say natural but I confess that last summer I put had striking powder applied to my hair for a bit of highlight. So, depending on how you define natural you may say that I’m not 100% ‘natural’.  In the time that I’ve been natural, I’ve had my hair trimmed professionally three times, when got tangly and knotty at the ends. I also experienced postpartum shedding, after both pregnancies. I’ve been taking part in a Castor Oil Challenge for the last couple of months with Kinky Curly Coily Me in the hope of  supporting regrowth in the area where my hair thinned the most. I’m nearing the end of the challenge and I had to do a length check as part of the requirement of last week’s check-in.  After completing my length check I realised how much my hair has improved over the last few months.

The long and short of it

Its ‘funny’, when I used to chemically straighten my hair, I always fussed about my length. Now that I’m natural, I much less fussed. My circumstances have changed; I’m now a married woman with two kids under the age of three. I have very little time to sit in front a mirror musing about my hair. I eat as best I can and treat my hair as best I can with products I can afford, then, hope for the best. RESULT! One of the many things I’ve learnt since being natural (as with fashion) sometimes is that less is more! The less you manipulate the hair and the gentler you are the better the results. So, after 2 ½ years this is my hair growth.


length check images, pic on rhs shows thinning hair at temple area


In Conclusion


I’m very pleased that the hair at my temples has started to grow again. My next focus will be to be gentle with and care for my hairline.

Health complications aside, I think maintaining natural hair can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. What do you think? How is your natural hair journey going?



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