I’ve known about Amway for years. Once upon a time, I attended a networking event when I was still in Trinidad. I never quite got how it all worked. Recently I attended their launch of the anti-ageing supplement Truvivity™ . The event was not like launch events I’ve attended in the past. It was quite empowering. There was a panel to discuss issues such as finding the work- home balance and the challenges of staying motivated as a entrepreneur.  It was not just about the product but about the self-development from the inside to outside. Truvivity™  is beauty from within.


The Panellists 


The panel was made up inspirational entrepreneurs.  They were:

  • Bella Blissett, YOU Mag Beauty Columnist
  • Louise Webster – Entrepreneur (Beyond The School Run)
  • Kiran Khutan, Amway Business Owner


As I mentioned earlier, the panellists discussed finding the work-home balance. They also touched on beauty from within, shared their personal beauty must haves and so on. A few points rang true to me. Louise spoke about decluttering your life. She said that things can be done much quicker than we think, but you’ve got to let go of the blocks. She advised that women should show the power of what it’s like to work in a female way. Women are all about collaboration and networking.

Kiran drove home the point about the importance of family first. Family time is sacred. There should be no interruptions. She said look at what’s vital and prioritise. She also spoke on the importance of education and the value of having exposure to inspirational content what would motivate you.


Truvivity™ Tasting 


Before leaving we had a chance to try the Beauty Powder Drink from the range. It was pleasant and refreshing with a mild citrus flavour.

Truvivity™ was launched by Amway to address the inner well-being by working from the inside out to help achieve more radiant skin. A revolutionary beauty system, consisting of a Beauty Supplement and a Beauty Powder Drink, the holistic process has been designed by Amway scientists to support skin health with a blend of rich ingredients including Vitamin A, C and Zinc through new PhytoInfuse™ (which contains a trio of plant extracts: Rosehip, Wolfberry and Grape Seed)  and Phytoceramide Complexes (are natural gluten-free plant ceramides from whole grain wheat and are combined with cranberry extract providing Vitamin C and Zinc in the beauty powder drink.) It merges the best of Amway’s two flagship brands: NURTILITE™ science and ARTISTRY™ premium skincare expertise to produce a product that works from the inside out – because true beauty starts from within.



Truvivity™ Advert


The advertisement below talks about the product and how it works as part of a skincare regime.






The full Truvivity™ Beauty System RRP £90.35. The Beauty Supplement RRP £63.14 and they Beauty Powder Drink RRP £34.87. They can be bought from Amway online or from business owners like Kiran.


(updated 18th May 2020)




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