Last month I received a reviewers’ copy of a book that promised to empower the reader to control their own health. The promise was intriguing, so I took the plunge and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Truth About Health Exposed is an engaging, motivational, reader-friendly book that will aid in having a healthy lifestyle.


Language & Style

The Truth About Health Exposed void of jargon and has a conversational tone. It is very easy to read and understand.  Funke uses illustrations and graphics to clarify and cement her points.

The book is divided in two parts. Part One presents the thesis. Part Two explores points in the thesis. Expect discussion about vaccines, hygiene, faith and the limits of the health care system.


Life Choices

The Truth About Health Exposed made me think about what I ate but also how I ate. It opened my eyes to the advertising of some food establishments; the need for speed. Freshly made to order meals; made fast to be eaten fast.

My favourite takeaway point was on the topic of ‘Physical Wellbeing’, where Funke’s uses the acronym C.A.R.  Funke says to achieve physical wellbeing there must be Consumption Activity Rest (C.A.R). It’s so easy anyone can do it, especially if you apply her tips.

‘Health Through Faith’ is lovely chapter that believers may find helpful. Funke explores how the church and medical profession can complement each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Facts

Funke backs up her argument with information from interviews with health care professionals and religious leader. You may wonder why religious leaders but some patient’s acceptance of treatment is influenced by their religion. Funke knew that from first-hand experience which is why she was ‘motivated to write something which would support them without undermining their faith. Quite often those encounters were more common with patients from the African and African Caribbean community who are also considered to be at high risk of several chronic diseases…. She believes, “Fundamentally it is not only ethnicity that is the core problem, rather it is a lack of awareness of the impact of many of their behaviours that is the problem.”

The Truth About Health is for adults and believe the content suitable for a wide range ages.


Book Details

Author: F E  Adeniji

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: troubador Publishing Ltd (8 Dec. 2017)

ISBN-10: 0995586306

ISBN-13: 978-0995586307

Package Dimensions: 19.6 x 13 x 1.3 cm

Price: £20



I luv everything about The Truth About Health Exposed. Best of all the practicality is what makes it a winner.

The book is available on Amazon. Visit the website for more information about the book and more tips visit the website



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