We are very much a jeans and trainers family. Don’t get me wrong we do have gladdy rags to but on a typical day we are casual because the kids love to be outdoors, rough and tumble. Hubby usually buys the kids’ trainers when he’s topping up on his sports equipment, so we don’t really shop around much. When the offer came to review shoes from Shoe Zone, I opted to trial items from the boys and girls collection. Angelo and I had a browse online and he settled on a trainer with a Spiderman motif. I selected for Valentina. I knew she’d be happy with anything sparkly. When the trainers arrived both kids were thrilled. They absolutely loved their new shoes because were so fun and flashy. Shoe Zone is the place to go for fun affordable trendy trainers.


Boys’ Trainers


Angelo is still at nursery, so he doesn’t have to wear a uniform but I let him wear the school colours. Now that he has his Spiderman Web Slinger Velcro Trainers, he’s swapped his basic black trainers for Spidey. On the first day back to school after receiving the trainers, he said he wanted to show his friends. I asked he what his friends said later that day, when I’d picked him up from nursery. He said they said, “It was wonderful!”. Naturally, since then he’s not worn anything else to nursery. Like most boys Angelo loves to run, jump and climb. I was curious know how his shoes felt when he did that. His response was that his shoes felt ‘springy’ on the inside, I took that to mean the impact of his jumps were cushioned and that’s a comfort for me.


Spiderman Web Slinger Velcro Trainers



The features of the Spiderman Web Slinger Velcro Trainers are:

  • Red breathable mesh panels
  • Two velcro straps
  • Spiderman motif on one side and a funky web print on the other.
  • Grip sole will give him all the comfort he needs when running around.
  • Synthetic upper and textile lining


Girls’ Trainers

Valentina is just as rough and tumble as her big bro but the loves a bit of glitter and sparkle. I got her the Walkright Glitter Flower Canvas trainer. Like her brother, Valentina has not wanted to wear any of her other trainers since she’s got the Walkright Glitter Flower Canvas. She likes to point out that I don’t have sparkle on my shoes (yeah she’s cheeky too!). This trainer is light-weight. It does not have a cushioned insole which I didn’t expect because the range is called Walkright.


Glitter Flower Canvas

It’s a typical canvas trainer by design but with flair and sparkle. I believe it was not comfortable for her would not wear it, as she does with items of clothing. The Glitter Flower Canvas has textile upper and lining.  There’s a delicate pink and white floral pattern at the toes with sequin detail at the sides and around the back as well as two velcro straps to fasten the shoes across the bridge of the feet. The velcro straps makes Valentina feel grown-up, because she likes to put her shoes on herself. The velcro straps are toddler-friendly.



I think the Spideman Web Slinger Velcro Trainer and Glitter Flower Canvas shoes are value for money. They RRP £12.99 and £6.99 respectively. They perfect for the spring summer months when the kids are out and about having fun. I usually wash the kids’ shoes in the washing machine. I did not do a wash test with these trainers but from my experience I’d say that the Spideman Web Slinger will do better in the wash. I think the insole of the Glitter Flower may be compromised.  However, you are likely to get your monies worth before it comes to washing either trainer.

For information on various ranges that Shoe Zone has please visit their website.


Please note, this is not a sponsored post however, we were sent the shoes of our choice to trial for the purpose of this review.


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