You’re seriously missing out if you have never travelled in a caravan, because it’s more than a mode of transport – it can change the actual travel experience itself.

Even visiting a place you have been to before will feel like a new and better experience when you switch to a caravan, as this type of travel combines living and travelling in your own little home on wheels!


The Price of the Caravan is an Investment


If you are a frequent traveller the upfront cost of purchasing the caravan is well worth it, because you will be saving a lot of money on commuting and lodging expenses every holiday. Just make sure that you compare caravan insurance policies before buying one.

It might be a good idea to compare policies through here, because rather than selling their own insurance Quotezone enables caravan owners to compare insurance policies from a wide range of insurance providers. Look through your options until you find something that covers all your specific needs within your budget.

The Freedom from Rooms


Those that love the outdoors will fall in love with the idea of travelling in a caravan after just their first trip. It provides true freedom that no luxurious hotel room can ever bring.

We often forget that travelling isn’t all about comfy beds and perfect room service but more about adventures and seeing what’s out there. It isn’t unless someone has been on a caravan trip across the UK that they realize what they are missing out on by being cooped up in a hotel room all this time.

Whether it’s a night spent in the dreamy Lloyds Meadow in Cheshire or a day by the campsite near Chigborough Farm in Essex, the experience will enthral you in its novelty.


The Kids Will Love It


There is nothing like being on the road with your kids in a caravan – they love the experience and freedom even more than adults. Of course, you will already have an idea regarding what we are talking about if you have ever spent a holiday inside a caravan with your parents as a kid. Just in case you didn’t, give your kids a chance to have this exhilarating experience with you.


Home Packing is Better than Backpacking!


In many ways, taking a trip in a caravan is similar to backpacking, but you are essentially carrying a small portion of your home with you and your family.

You can set up a camp near your caravan, and if it starts to rain (which is almost inevitable), head into the caravan and enjoy seeing a rainy landscape in a remote side of the country from the windows. The same goes for any other time when the weather begins to bug you, your spouse or the kids too much; there’s always a little home for everyone to seek shelter in, even in the middle of the woods.

Finally, there is the safety issue to consider as well. Generally speaking, camping always involves a bit of risk, although the UK doesn’t have any big predators like wolves or bears to be aware of. If you notice any shady business around, however, just pack up, get in your caravan and leave whenever you want to. Backpacking has nothing on caravans!

A word of warning though – caravans in the United Kingdom are generally a lot smaller than RVs and the like you might see in US. Therefore, make sure it’s actually big enough for you and your family before buying it.


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Photo credit:  Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

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