Inspired by my first blog post on travel destinations I’d like to visit one day (Meteora), here’s my second installment. As a singleton expat I did some travelling. When Hubby and I  got married we stayed local for our honeymoon because were starting our new life together on limited funds. We had our home to fully furnish. However, after a couple years we took a few short trips abroad. One of the places I wanted us to visits was Catalonia but we didn’t get around to it. Why Catalonia, well that’s another influence from reading a book of course! The thing is I can’t find the title of the book now. I’ve been searching high and low on the internet, even my library database but I can’t find the book I read. It’s about an English young lady who leaves home and travels to Catalan. I can’t remember what town she settled in but while in Catalan she has a romance and learns the language and customs of the region. For some reason I feel that my reading of Kate Mosse’s The Labyrinth and Sepulchre some how lead me to find that book as a further reading. However, on checking Kat’e’s website I can’t find any reference to the book. I know I’m 40 years old and my memory is fading in some areas of my but I doubt the book is a figment of my imagination. Nonetheless, mysteries and wild imaginings aside, Catalonia is number two on my travel wish list.



The history of Catalonia is complex and at the risk of sounding shallow, I want to visit for the scenery and the food. I reckon I’d like the Girona area. From my quick references it’s  said that the climate there Mediterranean. However it would be nice to see the places mentioned in the book I read some years ago. Here’s the thing… I just read my BritMums Live conference update (conference dates 20th 0 21st June) and the Catalan tourist board will be there!! Someone is watching over me and listening wishes. After the conference, I’ll come a back to you with more reasons why I really want to visit Catalan because according to the write-up on BritMums conference update:

‘ Catalunya provides the ideal family escape with something for everyone and has recently developed the Family Holiday Destination (FHD) brand, making it easy for families with children to enjoy the region’s highlights.’

Who knows maybe, I’ll be visiting sooner that I originally thought. And shock horror… with the kids. By the way if anyone knows the book I’ve mentioned earlier, kindly tell me the title, put me out of my misery (so to speak)

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