When I was little I hated drinking tea. Growing up in the Caribbean meant some ‘bush’ would be pulled up from the back yard to boil into that hot brew. Little did I know 30 plus years later I would be paying for the same ‘bush’ (lemon grass, nettle, mint) to make my daily cuppa. Now, drinking tea is part of my selfcare regime. In the UK they is a saying ‘Drink tea and carry one’. A cup of tea, with or without a tipple included seems to make most things better. nonetheless, did you know there are other ways to use tea? As it’s National Tea Day in the UK, I thought I’d share my top 3 alternative uses for tea.


Three Uses For Tea

Many cultures have a tea drinking tradition. Some even make it a ‘ceremony’ of it. In the UK, it’s practical a national pastime. Why not try of of these ways, to get more use out of  teas at home:

  • Hair care
  • Skin Care
  • Culinary  Ingredient 


Hair Care

As a newbie naturalista, I used tea as a rinse for my hair. I would shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse with water but before finishing up, I’d pour cool brewed tea. I mainly used green tea. Nettle is also makes a good rinse. Normally, I drink it during Spring because that’s when my hayfever is at its worse. Nettle helps with hayfever because it contains antihistamines. However, I’m going to try it as a rinse. I’ve ordered a pre-made Nettle Tea rinse from the online store Hairpop. They are a stockist for Nylah hair care which is the brand that made the tea rinse. Nettle is beneficial for scalp concerns such as dandruff, while black tea can be used if hair is shedding.

Hair Mist

As part of my current hair regime I’m using a hair mist that contains green tea. Mists are great way to rehydrate as hair needed. They are popular as part of many naturalistas’ hair regime. They’re used as  part of the LOC method (liquid oil cream) on hair wash day. My mist is the Aloe and Moringa Hair Mist from Natural Barnet. The brand specialises in Ayurvedic Hair Care  . They say their mist can also be used on the face! Now that’s a big bonus I’d say. I luv multi-tasking products.



Tea makes an excellent gentle exfoliator for the face and body. Green tea is the usual choice for the benefit of its antioxidants. It’s reported that green tea can be used to fight against premature aging and acne. Green tea contains Vitamin E as a result it can improve skin hydration.


Culinary Ingredient

Tea can be used to enhance flavours of a dish. For example, Earl Grey makes a lovely topping for cakes or to flavour ice creams. Mint tea is refreshing and aids digestion. Fresh mint applied to a lamb dish or chicken shawarma is sublime.


What’s your favourite brew? Do you have a favourite biscuit to accompany your tea? If not, I found this adorable graphic on the National Tea Day Instagram account that should help you choose one.

tea and biscuit

National Tea Day graphic


Do you have a top tip for using tea? How are you celebrating National Tea Day?

Comment below I would love to hear from you.









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