Tobago has re-branded itself. The Tobago Tourism Agency presented their new campaign during WTM London, 2018. From a nationalist point of view, I wondered why they would take that approach. Why was Tobago separating itself from Trinidad?. The islands have been ‘siblings’ since 1888.  They were both fought over by European nations but by the 1800s they were both British colonies. After the abolition of slavery and the decline of sugar in the region it was decided to amalgamate Tobago to Trinidad. Tobago was deemed not economically viable on its own. Then again, as a traveller I can see the benefits. Tobago offers a totally different experience to Trinidad. A clear separate detailed tourism guide would be helpful to visitors who are undecided where to go.  Here’s to Tobago beyond, it’s beyond ordinary.



Tobago The Stand Out Destination



It’s been 11 years since I last traversed the white sands to Tobago. My first trip was as a child. I joined my Year 4 class for a day of sightseeing on the island, in 1984. However, a mate of mine visited not too long ago and she mentioned that the pace was slow in Tobago. It was less commercial.  While that approach may seem crazy for a small island whose economy is reliant on tourism, the Tobago Tourism Agency embraces that fact. They say the ‘lack of development, accommodation inventory, relatively low levels of commercialism – were the island’s greatest assets.’

Tobago’s USP is its natural unspoilt island life.



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One of learnt at #wtmlondon (I’ll share the others as the says go by) is that travelers want a tranformative experience. My transformative experience began in Guernsey in 2017 and carried on into Pembrokeshire summer 2018. Having time to myself on the beach, going on short walks all served to remind me of the young women I used to be, the things I’ve done, experiences I’ve had. Today’s #tbt looks back at my University years as member of the Biological Society, University of the West Indies, St Augustine. Back then the society got involved in reforestation projects, turtle patrolling (to ensure poachers didn’t harm nesting leather back turtles) and of course beach clean ups ( to rid the beaches of plastic and other waste) Once per year we’d go to Tobago for a working holiday, while exploring the island, testing water quality etc. I’m not a Natural Science grad. I’m a Humanities graduate but my interest where wide and continue to be so which is my I blog about so many things. I’m working on being my best me once again. #uwi #humanities #conservation #tobago #bacolet #storebay #scarboroughbeach #plymouth #speyside #littletobago #visittobago #trinbago #crestenvironmentalstation #lovecaribbean #wtmtravels #ideasarrivehere #expatlife #londonlife #throwbackthursday #msxpat #guernsey #pembrokeshire #tttonstaycation #thetigertales #pblogger #lblogger

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Tobago Off the Beaten Track



I was frequent visitor to the island in the 90’s. Some how, it always made me feel that my companion(s) and I had the island to ourselves, We would drive around exploring Tobago. On one trip there with the UWI Biological Society, I had the opportunity to visit Little Tobago. At one time it was a sugar plantation, now it’s a sanctuary for birds. We also snorkelled just off the island to see the famous Brain Coral, in Speyside. It was breathtakingly beautiful.


Fort Bennet And The Nylon Pool

Then, in 2007, I enjoyed it as a newly-wed. Tobago as a aromatic getaway is sensational. What can be better than washing up on an undisturbed island with your love? Hubby and I spent our time driving  around exploring and eating. One of my favourite memories was visiting Fort Bennet which as a stunning sea view, then walking along Black Rock beach. We were the only people on the beach that evening. Isn’t that a honeymooner’s dream?!

Swimming in the Nylon Pool was sheer bliss. Picture this clear aqua blue water, white sands, blue sky.  In fact, the ‘pool’is a natural, metre-deep crystal clear swimming pool with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon.’  A glass bottomed boat from Store Bay took us there.



101 Reasons To Go Tobago



You can never get bored of Tobago; she’s too beautiful.  The Tobago Tourism Agency says there are 101 reasons why you should visit. There are several soft adventure options such as paddle-boarding, boat-trips, snorkelling and hiking. If you want to lime like a local you can go to the famous Buccoo Goat and Crab Races. Hang out down Store Bay and eat  crab callalloo and dumplings, local dish. 


The Mystery Tomb of Betty Stiven

Do you love a mystery? Try to solve mystery of the mystery tomb located on Shelbourne Street, Plymouth. On the reads the message:

Within  these walls are deposited the body of Mrs. Betty Stiven and her child. She was the beloved wife of Alex B Stiven to the end of his days will deplore her death, which happened upon the 25th November 1783 in the 23rd year of her age. What was remarkable of her, she was a mother without knowing it, and a wife without letting her husband know it except by her kind indulgence to him.


Honeymoons and Wellness Retreats in Tobago

Due to the quiet, slow spoilt nature of the island its perfect for a wellness holiday as well.  The Castara Retreats one well known holiday spot. It is a family run resort that is a  hub of sustainable tourism in the community. They also cater for honeymooners.

You can rest and recharge. I mentioned that Hubby and I visited as a post wedding treat, we stayed in a self-catering guest house in Crown Point. The name escapes now but you are spoilt for choice of places to stay to fit every pocket. In Crown Point some of the guest houses are walking distance from the popular beach Store Bay.

Tobago is also fabulous location for a weddings. You’re pretty much guaranteed insta-fabulous photo ops.



Plan your stay


There are many choices of places to stay in Tobago. Close your eyes pick a venue. You can drive around the island in a day, so don’t worry about missing out. My personal favourite was Bacolet. I loved the hilliness. While Crown Point is close to the airport and popular beach Store Bay.


So, come and see …. (Vocalist Yolanda at the Tobago stand for WTM London 2018)





(updated 3rd June 2020)





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