My Dearest,

Whey! We are 8 years into our parenting journey and you never cease to surprise me. You are an amazing FATHER and because it’s Father’s Day, come with me down Memory Lane. 

I think there has to be personal growth in order to leave old traumas behind to love again. It was easily done with you, but to have children? Well, that’s another level of trust. While I wasn’t sure I wanted children, I knew you did. I trusted you enough to commit to having a family with you. Trust- a firm belief- up until then, I had no examples to give me faith in fatherhood. You made me a believer. Every moment with your children is precious. How children loved your lunchtime visits, before they began attending school.

They say words are cheap but that’s not always the case. Words that come from deep in the heart, words that are not easily spoken, honest words that leave us spent after they have been voiced, those are priceless. Sometimes I feel down because I don’t’ have the means to whisk you away for treats the way you do for me. All I have are my words, acts of love: me.

What makes a perfect family?  The ones we on the tele are not real. When the cameras stop rolling, the set is taken down and the lights go out, the act is over. There are different types of families; once there’s love and security, then, I think a child would be happy. Just the other day, our daughter told me, “Mummy, you are best mummy in the world! And daddy is the best daddy in the world!” to which our son replied, “No! How can you say daddy is the best daddy, when last night you were crying when he shouted”, to which our darling girl replied, “No! Daddy may shout but he loves us!” There interchange melted my heart. All I could have said was “… that’s right, it’s important for you to remember…”

People see the photos of happy smiling faces; they think we’ve got it good. They think I’m so lucky…  No one but we two know what it took to get here. It may have been luck that brought us together but it certainly didn’t keep us together for the past 15 years. Seeing you with our children wells me up often, you don’t even know. I get SO emotional. You’re the grizzly playful giant who protects them and all their friends want to play with. You’re the stern, just and loving father they adore.

Eight Father’s Day hove come and gone. Along the journey we’ve met other amazing dads. Fathers who stand side by side with their partners loving and caring for their children, EVEN combing their daughter’s hair… to you my love, and those other fabulous dads …

Happy Father’s Day!


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