I recently wandered into a conversation, on Twitter about home work. Some people felt it’s difficult for parents to do work home with their children, due to time constraints. Others felt that children should be children. Children should be allowed to play after school, look at videos about topics of interest, or visit grandparents and so on. Admittedly those points are a simplification but you get the point. I stuck my oar in. I thought it used my objective respectful voice but it was taken to be patronising. Thanks Twitter! Oh the limitations of the 140 characters. So, what I want to know is, how do you my readers feel about homework?


Like most children I hated homework. Nonetheless, I accepted it as a part of my school life.  I never challenged it. Nor did I challenge the Saturday classes, or the Easter holiday classes or whatever my parents and teachers could drum up for my educational enhancement. I suppose the ‘burden’ seemed less because all my other classmates were experiencing the same. Perhaps long sunny days in Trinidad, made it easier to find a work/play balance. As mum I appreciate the importance of home work. My children are still young, but I do a little work with them most afternoons to get them into the routine of homework. I don’t clock watch but I estimate spend 20 minutes to about 1 hour doing maths, reading and sometimes writing. The time is not all in one sitting. We break it up. I make it interactive in the form of games, craft and role playing. Each day is different based on the type of day they had at school, their mood and family commitments. The routine is not as strict. There may be evenings when we do simply cuddle, chat and watch tele. I guess using screen time in my point was not my finest hour.  Angelo enjoys video games. Valentina loves video toy reviews. We all look at learning videos, as well as, skype our geographically distant extended family. Most of our outdoor activities are left to the weekend.


In my opinion homework is vital and necessary for a variety of reasons, to list a few:

  • It helps to extend learning
  • It helps parents keep track of the topics their children are covering in class
  • It’s another way for children and parents to bond and spend time together
  • It allows children to seek assistance if they are struggling with a topic
  • It helps to build discipline and understanding of time management
  • Academia maybe the only access to climbing the social and economic ladder


Based on the responses to my comment on Twitter, it’s likely that the Tweeters would disagree with the above. I’d like to know, what you are your thoughts on homework? Yay, or nay and why? Let’s have a conversation. I’d love to hear from home edders. Parent to parent, maybe we can help each other out sharing helpful tips.




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