Every driver must know about the basics of MOT. In this article we cover them all, so go ahead give it a read.


What is MOT?

MOT is an annual vehicle test that is mandatory for every car that is over three years old. Under UK law all vehicles on road need to take this test to ensure the vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness in order to reduce the chances of road accidents. In an MOT Test, all the essential parts of a vehicle are thoroughly examined and checked to ensure that they meet all the legal standards of safety.


Can one drive without a valid MOT Certificate?

No! In fact there is a penalty of up to £1000 for driving a vehicle without an MOT and according to the new rules you can get a fine of double this amount for driving an unfit car even if your MOT is still valid.

Vehicle MOT

How frequently does one need to take the MOT Test?

As per UK law, MOT Test is due once a car is over 3 years of age. So, basically you need to take your first MOT Test 3 years after the date of your car’s registration provided it’s a brand new car. After this, the car needs to be retested every year.


How to check the due date of a car’s MOT?

The easiest way is to check from the MOT certificate. However, if you don’t have the certificate lying around then just go to govt.uk and you can know about your car’s MOT due date from there. Local garage websites offer this service as well. You just have to enter your car’s registration number along with your vehicle make on their website and voila you’ll see your due date there and then.

In case your MOT is due, no need to worry. You can book your test date online, just be careful in choosing a credible garage. One such car garage is KAP Motors. You can get MOT Test in Brighton from KAP Motors, a DVSA certified garage at the best local prices! You don’t even have to pay anything upfront. Book online and pay once you have availed the service.

Can one perform the MOT test by themselves?

No. An approved authority can only issue the MOT test certificate. So, you need to visit an expert.

Hope this article helped you in getting your MOT basics right!



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