Friday was a wonderful fresh bright blue winter’s day. I dread going out with my children alone. Sometimes it feels like a gargantuan effort to get us all dressed and out the door within an hour. Nonetheless, Friday was too gorgeous a day to stay in. Admittedly, we did step out looking like car crash fashion, but no matter. Angelo and I walked to our nearest local park. Valentina was asleep in the buggy. Angelo had a lovely time as he always does when he’s outdoors.  Twenty minutes into his play Valentina woke up.Their dad usually takes them out to give me some time to myself. So, Friday was the first time that I’ve seen my children play together at the park. In the past, when I took them Valentina usually slept through it all or was too little. As I pushed my kids on the swings through my usual haze of sleep deprivation, my heart was glad to see them having that time together.

Going outdoors allow the children to use their gross motor skills. Valentina had a few spills trying to gain her balance on account of the bulky clothes and new terrain but she had fun. There were no tears only muddy trousers. Angelo had a few tries on the ‘fireman’s pole’. We are both working on our confidence for him to do it unaided. Seeing him walk up the slide also makes my heart leap but what surprised me most was my ‘fear’ of the swings. I had a ‘Rachel  moment’ (of Friends fame). Every time I pushed the children away my heart quivered. I kept asking Angelo if he was ready to come off. He kept saying “faster mummy” “higher mummy”. Valentina was in her element. Thankfully, I was behind them for most of it, they couldn’t pick up my anxiety. Just goes to show that going outdoors as an adult you learn more about yourself and your own tolerance levels too.



Have you been outdoors recently? What did you get up to? I’m linking this post the Country Kids  from Coombe Mill Blog Hop.



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