… move house.

Even before I was an expat, I moved around a lot. I spent week days with my grandmother and weekends with my parents. As grew older and hit my late teens, I also stayed over at friends’ houses. Looking back on it now I always had a bag packed to go some where. Once I moved to London, I changed accommodation every 6 months or so from various flat shares. You’d think by now relocating would be an down to an fine art for me. In fact, I’m burnt out. Although its a happy life event,’ they’ say moving house is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Now I know why…

What shocked me most was my unexpected sadness. Although we’d only lived in our flat as a family for one year, it was the accumulated memories from other life events that made the transition bitter sweet. This was the home I met  hubby’s mum the for the first time. This was the home that hubby and I spent our first Christmas in together as a couple, while we dating. This was the home that we introduced Angelo and Valentina to hubby’s family and so many other memories.  However, putting memories to one side, some of the questions hubby and I had to face were:

  • When to pack? What to pack? How to pack?
  • How do we pack with the children in the mix
  • When do we share the news?
  • When do we tell the kids?
IMG_20140222_160425 (2)_1

Living room of ole flat

Then once we had made the move, what we didn’t realize was that:

  • the kids would be unsettled and clingy (some nights it four in a bed)
  • we’d  would be living out of boxes and bags for weeks
  • the frustration of tradesmen not turning up for appointments (no call NO Nothing!)
  • we’d be eating takeaway because we had no cooker (and it would take a couple weeks for ours to be delivered)
  • the stress and takeaway would make my skin breakout with spots
  • AND THEN! The weight GAIN!
Living room of new home

Living room of new home

As I type we are still not totally unpacked and settled. The children’s room has to be painted and decorated. Their bed has to be built. Its still lying in the box on the floor of the kitchen. The garden currently has a wild untamed look. We need a sofa. The one we wanted has been discontinued (thanks IKEA). Fixtures and fittings need repairing and/or replacing, so that they don’t come off in our hands. The never ending cleaning. Who knows what else will surface during this time of transition for my family and I.

Are you relocating or have your also relocated recently? How are you finding it? How are you coping? I’ve love to hear from you.

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