Back in July I had the privilege of attending the launch of Curly Hair Magazine. It’s a magazine geared towards as the name says curly hair. It was a lovely summer evening out meeting brands representatives and fellow bloggers. I also met the magazine’s co-founder Sandra Asamoah. After the event, the magazine’s publisher,  Abi Onas kindly answered my interview questions.

Curly Hair Magazine launch

Pics from the launch event


TTT:  Who are your team members and what’s their career background?

CHM: The direct team is made up of Terri Ajala co-founder, a media expert and presenter, she has worked in the TV and beauty industry and recently has been working with the Depop App. Sandra Asamoah is also a co-founder she worked with PR company Red for several years and since leaving has been working on the development of the magazine, in her spare time she has been working on a shopping blog called Shopit.Styelit.Snapit.

The wider team is made up of freelance writers from the BBC, L’Oreal, bloggers as well as business owners from some of the UK natural hair brands. The team is made up of specialists to ensure we are giving out the right advice.


TTT: Who will be the regular contributors to the magazine’s content?

CHM: Our core writers are made up of United Kurls, Hair Valley, Rachael from Afrocenchix, Hannah Ajala BBC, Grace Opeyokun L’Oreal makeup artist


TTT: How can the magazine be sourced? And will you have mobile app option?

CHM: The magazine can be sourced by going on our website We have several distributors across London and the full list is on the website. You can also grab a copy through our subscription service and if you purchase goods from and the United Kurls brand. We are working on an app, as we are such a young magazine our business model is likely to be interchangeable for the next few issues, until we suss out what really works.


TTT:  Will you have a curly kid section?

CHM: Issue 2 will be the launch of the kids section and we are really excited about it.


TTT:  Where do you see the magazine two years from now?

CHM: We just want to see people embrace it and see it develop as a brand. No master plan, we create it because we love educating people and sharing our love for beauty, fashion and hair


If you are wondering why is there a need for a Curly Hair Magazine, or why some women have decided ‘to go natural’ view this clip of comments from women in the UK about natural hair.



Issue 2 will be out soon, to subscribe visit Curly Hair Magazine Website.



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