Adult colouring books have taken over London book stores by storm. Even the stores I normally buy my kids’ craft supplies and story books, now have more adult colouring books! Still, I couldn’t find one that appealed to me, untill Andrea Pippins’ I Love My Hair. If you follow me on Instagram you may have photos of me colouring in it . Many nights before bed, I sit on the sofa and colour away my frustrations. Although I missed Andrea’s London launch, I ordered two copies. Shortly after her UK trip, I reached out to Andrea for an interview.



 Andrea Pippins Interview


TTT: When did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

AP: My interest in design was sparked by television and a movie. I was intrigued by Halle Berry’s character in “Boomerang” where she was an art director. In the film she was also an artist and an art teacher. When I saw [Berry’s character] Angela I was amazed even though she wasn’t a real person. Before that character, I had never seen a person working in a career where they could be creative, and she was black on top of that!

Around the same time I saw a Saturday morning segment, during the cartoons, about a woman who was an art director at a magazine. Again, I was amazed because she was talking about drawing, and designing, and sharing how all that informed her work as an art director.  Those were my first introductions to design. So when I began looking for college programs I knew I wanted to go into design.


TTT: Where did you study, train and prepare for your career?

AP: I attended the Tyler School of Art at Temple University.


TTT: Judging from your website you have produced work for a wide variety of interesting projects. Do you have a particular time of day when you are most creative?

AP: Yes, I prefer to work at night. My creative juices start flowing after 7pm.




TTT: Where is your ideal workspace and what’s your ambience preference?

AP: I work in my studio, which has everything I need to create. I am most focused when I have incense and/or a candle burning and something on in the background.



TTT: What was your inspiration for the look and feel of the I Love My Hair colouring book?

AP: Hairstyles, lettering, and doodling were things I was looking to for inspiration for I love My Hair.


TTT: How long did it take you to create your illustrations for the I Love My Hair colouring book and bring it to market?

AP: It took me 60 days to do the entire book. I started in June of 2015 and it was published in September, but officially released in November.


TTT: Do you have plans to create more colouring books? Or a version of I Love My Hair for children?

AP: I’m currently working on an activity book called Becoming Me which offers exercises and coloring/drawing pages to inspire creative expression. I’m really excited about it because it shares everything I learned about developing a creative process. That comes out in October 2016.

I don’t have plans to create another version of I Love My Hair for children since children can color in the current version.


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Images courtesy Andrea Pippins

(updated 16th May 2020)




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