It was with great pleasure that I attended The Black Baby Show, last Saturday. I found out about them about two years ago while on an online search for toys and books that featured black and mixed race characters. Since then I’ve been following them on social media and telling any entrepreneur with children’s products I met about them. The event organizers kindly sent me an invitation to the show which was held at the Croydon Conference Centre. Angelo and Valentina, along with two friends joined me the show. I was over the moon to have met new amazing entrepreneurs at The Black Baby Show 2015.



The Event

I was pleased with the quality and variety of products on display at The Black Baby Show 2015. It was a lively family event. Family events require more space to cater for mums with buggies and tiny tots. I felt a slightly bigger venue would have more convenient. I saw yummy dishes and delicacies on sale but I was on able to eat. I was super excited and wanted to focus on the exhibitors and their products but Angelo and Valentina snacked on cupcakes from Ki Ki’s Cupcakes. They both enjoyed it.


black baby show

Diverse Books and Gifts

During my walk about I noted there wasn’t a balance of products between boys and girls. Nonetheless, I don’t consider it an oversight on the part of the organizers it’s the same everywhere. On the high street, it’s easier to shop for girls and ladies than it is for boys and men. It’s even more challenging for hubby and I because Angelo isn’t into that many action figures. Thankfully, the show had a few book stands.

My children love books as much as I do.  In fact Angelo practically camped out at one stand when he spotted Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Brown, being out of cash I had to resort to using my debit card. He also spotted the Ultra Kids stand and pulled me to see their books, which turned out to be colouring books. The colouring book features the super kids Penelope and Malachi and each page has with motivational quotes.


black baby show

For Valentina, I made cute and practical purchases. I bought her an umbrella from Pretty Girlz Rock and hair bands from Handmade Frills. I was quite fond of the dolls on the Just Like Me Toys stand. Their dolls they are imported from various countries because there none in the UK.

I was not in a position to buy on the day, but I will be pursuing their site and shopping in the not too distant future. Here are a few other exhibitors I that spotted on the day.


Other Vendors

For a full list the show’s exhibitors please visit The Black Back Show website . You can get social and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I’d like see this show grow from strength to strength year on year. If you a maker or importer of toys, books, clothing other products that celebrate diversity and well-being why not reach out to the event organizers for the 2016 show.


(updated 11th May 2020)




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