Since becoming a parent, this Chinese New Year, Year of the Horse, was the first that did not coincide with Trinidad Carnival. Usually Angelo and I would watch a few clips of Trinidad Carnival. We’d do some Chinese New Year inspired craft, while listening  to Trini Soca music and dancing in between. He likes he manic sound of Machel Montano. Then I’d read him a story at some point. I guess you can say that our celebration has a Blasian vibe. However, this year we have a chance to celebrate the two festivals separately giving each our full attention. (Carnival will be on the 3rd and 4th March.) Angelo is now three years old and while he can follow instructions his attentions span is still short. I found a few craft ideas from the Activity Village website that I thought would be fun. The hand-print horse looked easy enough and I decided to up-size the book mark to a hobby horse.



The Craft


The hand-printing  didn’t take off  but the hobby horse was fun for him.  It took us a few days to complete our hobby horse because I wanted him to be as involved as possible. In hindsight I should have incorporated music like I used to to maintain the fun factor in the process. Its said that in the Year of the Horse things go faster but our craft took days because I took it more seriously.


Year of the horse



The Celebration


Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? How did you celebrate? And for parents who do craft with  children under four, how do you keep the fun factor. Do you make it more about the fun and experiencing the textures and colours than an end goal?

What’s your process when you start a craft with your child? I’d luv to hear from you.



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