Earlier this year, I was contacted by Lisa Martin, the founder of Uneek Flair. It was in response to my blog post on ‘Multicultural Christmas gift Ideas for children under 10 years’ (see post HERE), which I’d written for Christmas 2013.  Lisa told me a bit about her brand and its story and a bit about the products that she was working on bringing to market, one of which was to be a girl’s mug. Several months have gone by, Lisa has been at a few craft markets and  trading online. A few weeks ago it was with pleasure that I received a customized mug for Valentina to trial. I’m so thrilled to be able to share my thoughts of the product and the story of Uneek Flair with you my readers.

Uneek Flair is a family  run business who’s mission it  is to embrace and spread the love and empowerment for diversity through their product range. Here’s their story in the own words:

After years of personal experience searching for gifts and merchandise with multicultural characters on, I always found it difficult to find any product of the sort. Inspired by my children and the lack of multicultural products, I decided that if I can’t find what I am looking for, then I want to be the one who gives my children the experience of receiving a gift which reflected their identity.

I’m really excited about the potential of the products and hope it will help children to learn about each other, and that every child is beautiful, as well as show children that there are many types of people that make up our communities. Our first character was based on our daughter and when we gave her one of our bags her exact words were “look mummy, she looks like me, she has hair like me”. She was so excited and now takes her new bag everywhere. At that moment we heard and witnessed the exact reaction we were hoping for, and our reason for doing so.  It was such a beautiful moment for us. We would love all children to have that same excitement and sense of pride when they see an image that reflects their identity, and for parents to have that warm feeling it gave us.

I admire and applaud Lisa’s creativity to bring these special and uneek products to the British market. The Uneek Flair Little Naturals range includes;  bags, coasters, mugs and key-rings. At the moment, all of the range features  an adorable graphic of a  little girl. The graphic was based on Lisa’s own daughter. On the mug that Valentina received the is graphics at the front of the mug and at the back Little Naturals and Valentina is written. It arrived at the right time too, I’d been considering giving Valentina her own ‘big girl’ cup/mug. At age 22 months she’s capable of drinking from a cup unaided. Honestly, I’ve been giving her a sippy cup out of habit not because she needed it.  Sure enough I gave her the mug and without any help from me,  she drank her juice with only a teeny spill.

Little Naturals girl's mug

Little Naturals girl’s mug

The Little Naturals mug is thick and durable ceramic. The dimensions are 9 x 8.5 cm and holds up to 310 ml but there in lies my only critique if you will of the product. While it maybe fine for a four years old child to manage, I think it’s a little too big for a toddler or an under 3 years old child. Valentina is quite big and coordinated for her age. In fact she can easily pass as three years old or a petite four years old. She handles her mug well enough, and no doubt in another month she’ll be able to manage perfectly well. However, what I’d like to see in the future as the brand grows, is a basic sippy cup or a smaller sized mug for toddlers. Additionally, it would be wonderful if the brand can once again produce merchandise for boys. Angelo likes having the same things as Valentina, well…  far as he can. Hubby and I try to purchase things that they can enjoy together or items that mirror each other, his/hers if you will.  In many ways, I feel that boys need a bit more help and encouragement  to build their confidence and self-worth.  Unlike their female counter-part boys are less likely to share their feeling an concerns. As a mum to two mixed heritage children, I’d like to be able to purchase products for both of them. I’ve seen him sneakily trying to use his sisters mug. He likes cute pretty things too. I should also mention that its not stated on the website, so I did a two mintues microwave test and the mug was not tarnished in anyway. I didn’t do a dishwasher safe test, but it has been hand-washed at least four times and there has been no scratching or tarnishing to the graphic. Its good as new.

I look forward to seeing Uneek Flair and the Little Naturals range grow from strength to strength.  Lisa and Uneek Flair will be at craft markets in Bristol over the Christmas period. However, the dates are to be confirmed. In order not to miss out visit the Uneek Flair website and blog or follow them on Instagram and Facebook or you can order online.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. However, I was sent the mug pictured above to trail for the purpose of this product review


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